Blindspot (Premiere’s 14/09/16)

bannerBlindspot follows Jane Doe (Jaime Alexander aka Lady Sif), a woman found in Time Square with no memory covered in mysterious tattoos. Each tattoo leads the team made up of FBI agents Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton aka Aussie), Edgar Reade, Natasha Zapata, and Forensic Scientist Patterson (Ashley Johnson).

Previously on Blindspot.

Last season left us with a hunger for answers and although we definitely got some, there are still much more to uncover in this upcoming season. Jane Doe is definitely NOT Taylor Shaw (I was secretly hoping she was for the benefit of Jeller, Weller and Jane).


And nobody was more disappointed than Kurt who clung to hope that his childhood best friend Taylor Shaw had found one another after 20 years. But in attempts to right her wrongs, Jane kills her allies and former fiancé Oscar when she realises that he has been lying to her and forcing her to lie to the people she has come to trust. Upon returning to Clearfield, Pennsylvania Kurt and Sarah search for answers after their father’s deathbed revelation. Kurt learns that his father Bill killed Taylor Shaw 25 years ago; therefore, meaning Jane Doe is not Taylor Shaw. Kurt struggles with his feelings of betrayal and love for Jane. Meanwhile, Jane struggles with the repercussions of her role in the death of Assistant Director Mayfair and killing Oscar. At the end of the episode, Kurt arrests Jane. Meanwhile, Zapata, Reade, and Patterson unlock a clue left from Mayfair revealing her involvement in Operation Daylight, Orion and a yet to be revealed third file.

This season begins almost the way it started, a mysterious woman covered in tattoo’s that solve criminal acts that the government does not know about in attempts to uncover conspiracies in top agencies. Another thing to look forward to is Jane Doe’s true identity. There is also a new addition in the form Archie Panjabi, I don’t know how I feel about her addition yet after her role on The Good Wife.


Jane and Kurt [Image].

Blindspot Season 2 premiere: Who Is Jane Doe? We’re About To Find Out!


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