Winners & Losers Final Episode

A reunification and a pregnancy announcement.

A marriage.

A separation.

And a 15-year reunion.

The final episode of Winners and Losers  ever aired on Monday, September 12th. It was a reflection on the past five years with Dr Sophie Wong, Jenny Reynolds, and Frances James.

Sophie’s secrets came to ahead when her ex-fiancé Luke (hottie) planned a boys get away with little brother Alex where he intended to confront him about sleeping with Sophie. I totally thought he was going to kill him and for a second the writers had me going and it was glorious drama. But, when Sophie learnt that Luke knows about her and Alex’s mistake she takes off to find them and just in time too. Of course, it would not have made sense for Luke, the cop, to kill his little bro, but if Sophie hadn’t arrived in time there was a chance he could have done it.

Professionally Sophie’s fulfilling life as a doctor at a women’s clinic hits a snagged when her boss announces that she is closing it down. And can I just stay from that moment, I totally picked up on the fact that by the end of the episode Sophie would take over the clinic. Nailed it.

Last week Jenny Reynolds gave husband Gabe her wedding ring, but at the end of the episode revealed she was pregnant and she planned to tell Gabe that she is willing to forgive the kiss for the sake of her family.


She cooks Gabe a Chinese meal and Gabe is initially thrilled that she wants to work on things, but when she forces a fortune cookie upon him the cookie announces that Jenny is pregnant.screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-3-23-33-pm

Gabe is upset because he believes that Jenny only wants to get reunite because she is knocked up and not because she really loves and wants to be with him.

After Gabe leaves Jenny’s sarcastic yet insightful sister Bridget offers some advice.

Are you 100% sure you want to be with Gabe for the right reasons and not just because it’s easy.

Jenny thought about it and bluh bluh bluh the baby will make it better (serious paraphrasing)

Then Bridget comeback with a good one, ‘The answer should be that it wouldn’t matter because you would be with Gabe.’ The high school teacher just got schooled.

Later in the episode, Jenny and Gabe attend their first ultrasound which reveals that they are expecting twins.

Lawyer Frances James who is a self-proclaimed feminist and thrives on her independence in deciding to be a single mother and raising her daughter George on her own adapts to her newly hitched status.  In the last episode, she finally caved into the idea of getting married and after a quick trip to the courthouse this lawyer got a new title, Mrs James. This episode, new husband Pete had arranged a honeymoon, but Frances reluctant to call it that agrees to a ‘relaxing spa getaway‘. Pete compliments Frances completely and for the first time in 5 years, I found her storyline interesting which complimented her stubborn sarcasm. Pete, who is adorable by the way, arranges for a luxury 5-five star spa getaway.  They arrive confronted by at group of young adults celebrating a 21st birthday that threatens to ruin their weekend. Determined to prove how cool she is Frances casually and successfully gets them to turn the music down allowing them to relax. Later the group start drinking and partying loudly in the hotel pool; which by the way, how come nobody acknowledged the safety violation of consuming alcohol and swimming? Aside from that Frances threw down a drinking challenge with a 21-year-old and come out victorious.



Favourite Quotes from Frances:

Pete: ‘Admit that getting married was the best thing you’ve ever done.

Frances: ‘I literally made a human.’

Pete: ‘A close second.’

Frances: ‘Top 5.

Another great line is when  Frances agrees to move to the suburbs. Suburbia. The final frontier.‘ 

The whole episode was a send-off and it came full circle with another high school reunion.

In the first episode, we were introduced at the 10-year reunion for Renwood Girls School where these once ‘Losers’ find common ground when reminiscing of their miserable high school experience, on a whim they buy lotto tickets and win. Fives years on from the pilot and a cleverly used reflection style by having filmmaker interview the girls for a documentary evaluating the girls’ happiness  by comparing lottery winners with amputees they reflect on their life.

The girls came to the conclusion that winning the lottery did not make them happy it just allowed them to do the things that they would not have previously done. Cutting to an alternative universe of what they would have done if they could do it again. It also showed a montage of each of the girls in the first episode and boy have they come a long way.

I should also mention the recent addition to the girls’ social girl Riley successfully pitched Spoiler Sport which can I just say I need this app in my life. It removes sports scores from social media, this is also should be adapted to TV shows. I get serious flashbacks from Facebook completely spoiling The Good Wife episode when (SPOILERS) Will Gardener was shot and killed mid-season. MID SEASON!!!!  It was at Uni, it was Monday. Riley is then offered Gabe’s job to run the Melbourne office while Gabe is offered the chance to work in San Francisco and pitch to Silicon Valley. Of course, Jenny agrees to go with him.

Flash-forward 5 years.



Jenny and Gabe are living in San Francisco with their twin girls.





Sophie has opened a second clinic in Africa.




Frances moved to the burbs, brought a dog, and became a judge.



It is a real shame to see another Australian drama leave our screens; however, the writers and who team did a marvellous job is creating a wonderful send-off.





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