Blindspot is BACK with a BANG!



The last time we saw Jane Doe she was arrested by FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller, basically for not being Taylor Shaw, which we were both devastated by. DEVASTATED. One of the many brilliant things about this show is the writers desire to give the audience what they want without dragging it out for multiple episodes. This episode revealed many answers, SO MANY ANSWERS.

‘In Night So Ransomed Rogue'(Blindspot’s episodes titles are anagrams)  begins 3 months after the fact in a CIA black site where Jane is being tortured in every way possible. Yes, I did say CIA. I was also confused when they said CIA because how on earth did Jane end up with the CIA and not the FBI? It will all be revealed later on; but anyway, after 3 months of torture the CIA could not break her as she has been trained her withstand all techniques and this wouldn’t be the amazing show it is if Jane were just rescued, Jane fights her way out. They attempt to waterboard her, but she uses the opportunity to drown herself forcing them to revive her by shoving a needle in her arm gasping for air Jane attack two of the three men, but is knocked out by the third. She is then placed back in her cell where she removes the detached needle from her arm. (cover eye if you are just as squeamish as I about needles) screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-14-45-pm

When Jane is taken back for further interrogation she uses the needle to unshackle herself from the cuffs. Then removing a metal plate from the drain of her cell she uses it as a weapon to knock the men out.  Successfully overthrowing 4 large government trained men Jane escapes. She then steals a car and then it jumps 2 weeks.

This is where we follow Kurt and his team, FBI Special Agents Edgar Reid and Natasha Zapata, closing in on a farmhouse. In a classic misdirect this scene is to make the audience believe they are closing in on Jane, but after a motorcycle chase Kurt corners the mystery rider and surprise it is not Jane. Clever right. Zapata and Reade declare their bordem with follow mundane cases and miss following the tattoos. Queue the helicopter carrying the answer that brings Jane and the FBI back together. This also introduces new cast member Archie Panjabi as NSA Agent Nas Kamal, head of the nonexistent Zero Division.

The team and Nas stake out a motel in Camden, New Jersey where Jane has been working for cash. After Kurt learns that the CIA has been torturing her all this time his unresolved feelings resurface. When Jeller finally come together it is Jane with the upper hand and gun to Weller’s head. Then comes the all-important first dialogue between the two leads.


K: ‘I don’t want anyone to get hurt’

J: ‘You don’t want anyone to get hurt. Do you have any idea where I have been these past three months; what they did to me day in and day out.’

K: ‘The CIA took you. That was never what I wanted.’ (Because you love her)

J: ‘Oh no.’

K: ‘I wanted justice, within the laws of this country.’

J: ‘I don’t exist, Kurt, I don’t have a passport, I don’t have a birth certificate, I have no rights.’

BOOM! Some crafty and we written dialogue especially that last line. Well done, writing staff! The acting, of course, helped massive lift the words from the page.

After some not so legal (is anything on this show even legal?) interrogation with radioactive truth serum, Jane finally has the chance to tell her side of the story and confirm to the team the Mayfair is dead. Determined to prove herself to the FBI and redeem herself in Kurt’s eyes  she wants to make Shepard (faceless leader and mastermind behind Jane’s life) pay for what ‘he’ did to her. For Mayfair, for Cade, for Oscar, and for Kurt who has suffered emotionally unintentional at the hands of Jane. And boy is she pissed. The team agrees to place Jane back in with the organisation they are calling ‘Sandstorm’ to bring them down, Kurt has his reservations, but Jane is desperate for answers and revenge.


Who’s driving?‘ – Jane

Jane devises a cover story and tries to force Kurt’s hand to shoot her so that they would believe she escaped. And the dialogue Jane’s uses pertains to Mayfair’s comments to her when she laid dying.  Check out the video here.

At the meeting house, Jane is startled by a hooded figure with a very badass scar on his face. He takes her to the hospital to patch her up himself, but not without murdering a few cops and almost a nurse but thankfully Jane stops him.



They arrive a large globe statue that reminds a lot like the Universal Studios globe out the front of their Hollywood Studios. Anyway, a woman’s boot exits and boom Shepherd is a woman. She walks towards them. Meanwhile, Kurt pressures Patterson (she actually doesn’t have a first name) to remotely disengage the second tracking device in Jane’s belt. 

Shepard is a woman – Not surprised

Before revealing herself she introduces herself to Jane as her mother. The screen fades to black and would naturally go to an add break and instantly my mind thinks. Does she mean figuratively or literally? It’s ok she meant figuratively.

Shepherd announces that Cade will be hunted for what he did and for killing her ex-fiance Oscar, but little do they know that Jane killed Oscar that night in the bar along with all my hopes for Jane to have a relationship even if it wasn’t with Kurt because she WILL end up with Kurt. screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-24-21-pm

Then finally, we got the answers we have been waiting for.

Jane’s birth name is Alice Kruger from Pretoria, South Africa. Her parents were anti-apartheid activists who were murdered by the government after which  she was then taken by the government and trained as a child soldier where she excelled. 115-mind-blowing-mhealth-and-telehealth-statistics-and-trends1

This to me shows many similarities to the origin story of Natalia Romanova or Black Widow, I knew I loved Jane for a reason. Despite these incredible answers, it was the fact the Roman (played by Aussie Luke Mitchell) was, in fact, Alice’s biological brother and after Shepard (former America soldier) saved them she decided to raise them. They decided that they wanted to be called Roman and Remy. So, Jane/Alice/Remy found herself with more answers than she thought, but also still completely unaware of the truth.

Side note: I thought it was kind of brilliant and poetic to have Remy and Roman who instantly reminded me of the Roman mythological twins Romulus and Remus who in myths were fostered by a SHEPHERD and his wife.

Shepard sends her back to the FBI to continue being an asset for them. Being a double agent is tough, but if anyone can do it Jane can. When she returns Jane divulges all the facts, right down to her brother and her real name. Then she asks Kurt why he did not tell her about the isotopic test on her tooth which told her that she was born in Africa and therefore couldn’t be Taylor instead he chose to believe the DNA test that made him believe she was Taylor Shaw.

‘I believed I was Taylor Shaw because I had no reason to doubt it.’

‘I wanted it to be true. I wanted you to be Taylor more than anything.’


‘Why did you lie.’

‘Because I wanted it to be true. Because I wanted to be Taylor more than anything.’

Kurt, Zapata, Reade, and Patterson look through the unencrypted files that Nas helped them with which shockingly reveals Jane wearing military uniform appearing to be dead in the middle of the desert. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact their organisation is called Sandstorm. It all leads back to that operation and something that Mayfair had on her thumb drive. screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-25-19-pm

The episode finishes with Shepard and Roman walking through a warehouse, she has some doubts over Jane’s (do we keep calling her Jane?) story and Roman suggest that if she has doubts to activate their mole in the FBI. Cut to close-ups of FBI characters and my brain going.


FORESHADOWING. I guess Sandstrom is looking to got out with a BOOM!



Till next time.









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