Blindspot. Recap and Review S2E2

You may have to bear with me this post because it has been ten minutes since I have watched this weeks episode and I am still in shock from one characters announcement, for it will forever change the course for two major characters. I will spoil it below, but not without prior warning.

This episode begins without telling us if there has been a time difference between the first. But we start with the unscrambled photo of Jane in the army uniform lying in the middle of the desert. screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-25-19-pm
Jane is explaining it as she was told to by Shepherd. We also learn that Jane is the only surviving member of Orion. Which (minor spoilers) saw a team of soldiers go on undercover missions including assassination, illegal and corrupt missions for the American government and had to make all the horrors appear accidental or nonexistent.


Orion Memorial









‘This is what your country thought you were worth’. – Roman refering to the plaque Shepherd and Roman take Jane.

They explain to Jane that Sandstorm belives ‘America needs to be saved from itself’.

What we did learn last week is that Sandstorm is planning to hit the reset button on America and therefore the FBI and Jane must stop them, but that is difficult because Jane and the team are having some serious trust issues. Zapata doesn’t want Jane on the team and says so to her face in front of the team. screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-03-00-pm


Weller defends Jane by reminding them that people’s lives are in danger.

Both Weller and Jane are seeing the in-house therapist Dr Robert Borden.


When Jane is in therapy she tells Dr Borden that she and Weller are able to share things with each other like they use to then it cuts to footage from earlier in the episode when she witnesses Weller and Zapata discussing their displeasure of her involvement.

‘I don’t like working with her anymore than you. I don’t like being in the same room as her but it’s the only way to end this’. – Weller

But it is not until the end they realise Jane heard it all.

‘Patterson’s got something’. – Jane


Jane looks hurt and pissed. But boy did those words cut straight through my heart.

Later in the episode, Jane talks to Weller in his new assistant director’s office and in a sweet moment that has the Jeller in me beaming with hope.

‘I miss being Taylor Shaw and I understand you not wanting to be in the same room as me because if I were you I would hate me too’. – Jane

‘I don’t hate you, Jane. I just don’t know who you are’. – Weller

‘Well the makes two of us’. – Jane

Inside I am screaming you don’t hate her because you love her. That brings me to my breakdown of their relationship so far. Weller loved Jane because he thought she was his Taylor Shaw, therefore, Jane thought she was Taylor Shaw and that they shared something special and over the first season the began falling for each other. So when Weller learnt the truth he felt utterly betrayed. I believe the predominant reason Weller is so mad at Jane is because he has serious feelings for her and Jane broke his trust in a major way, but mostly he is hurt because Jane is not who he thought she was and therefore his father was a monster and Jane was the reason he let him back into his life. Boy, are those therapy sessions needed.

NSA Agent Nas is adapting to the team. I have a suspicion she may just be Sandstorms mole inside the FBI as she is listening to Jane’s private therapy sessions and gathering intel. I think it’s too obvious and I have a feeling it’s Patterson since she does have a lot of control over tattoos and DNA that revealed Jane as Taylor. Plus I find is suspicious we don’t even know her first name. I read somewhere is could be Ellie, but no confirmation yet. Patterson isn’t getting along with Nas at the moment, she is having so jealously over the equipment the NSA is using and that she hasn’t got access to it.


I could be wrong in How To Get Away With Murder I picked Lila Standgard’s killer in the middle of the season even before creator Peter Nowalk admitted he thought of the killer but dismissed it because I thought it was to clear (no spoilers for those who haven’t seen the first season) but none the less there is a mole and we may not find out for some time.

The C storyline after the stolen weapons and Jane’s transition as a double agent was Edgar Reade. His was a very important storyline for him and linked back to a previous tattoo case which took the team to his old university. A student began shooting in attempts to bring justice for himself because the football coach Jones had been assaulting him and other star football athletes for decades. Reade himself was a part of the program but was clueless to the coaches horrible secret. So in the present Reade is trying to get justice for those boys and he finds an old friend Freddy who also attended the camps. By the end of thscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-8-46-44-pme episode, Reade is told by this friend that he to must have been assaulted but Reade is shocked because he genuinely had no recollection of the events. And for his character, it’s sad because he was lucky enough not to remember the horrors of his past and now the world he knew was just shattered. It will be interesting to see where his personal story goes this season and what truths he will find.

Towards the end of the episode, Jane and Zapata seem to have a ceasefire as it were after Jane successfully directs the missile into the Hudson River and showing whose team she is one.

‘Sorry I shot you’ – Zapata

‘I did ask for it’ – Jane

‘Yeah, you kind of did’ – Zapata

Major Spoiler Below

Beautiful shot. I had to include it. 

All was peaceful in the Weller household when boom round 3 in the emotional ringer.


Weller’s ex-girlfriend Allison Knight appears with a new haircut, but that is beside the point. The major issue I had was that is is that she announces that she is 3 months pregnant NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jeller in me is devastated but the storyteller is excited yet sad when Jane finds out because if you haven’t noticed I want Weller and Jane together (Jeller).


I have no idea what the writers were thinking by introducing a baby my dreams for Jeller are slipping away but it could be another ploy for the greater cause but I suspect it is not. My love/hate relationship with television drama is when they prolong the coupling of my favourite characters, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tension and drama it creates. But I image Jane learning about the pregnancy like this….

Jane has an emotional/near death experience that makes her want to go and to be with him then when Weller opens the door she sees Allison Knight, now a U.S. Marshal and FBI WITSEC liaison with an obvious baby bump and Jane immediately leaves which sends Jane downward spiral. OR. OR better still.

Jane’s life is in immediate danger because she put herself there to punish herself and Kurt is forced to confront his feelings for her and rushes to her and they kiss or maybe sleep together then the next day Jane learns of the baby’s existence. I can not wait for that episode when Jane learns about it and is crushed. Maybe Kurt will see how hurt she is and therefore see that she has feelings for him.  I just want them together but the waiting is the dramatic torture that I love. I waited four seasons for Castle and Beckett to get together I can wait some more. I love to hate secrets that characters keep from each other the builds tension because the audience knows and we just wait till they explosively reveal to the characters. The only pitfall was last weeks episode when they did that in Blindspot with Jane telling Weller and the team what Mayfair’s last words were.

Overall, the theme of the episodes were parental figures mainly fathers. It directed at Weller and Reade both struggling with the horrible things their father and father figure did in the past.  It also looked at Weller’s new found daddy status and him questioning his own manhood believing he is father’s son and therefore assuming he will be a terrible father.

Let the horror of what my father did die with him – Weller

The end of the episode Jane visits the memorial and has a flashback of Weller right before Roman injects her and she falls unconscious. screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-15-35-pm

This episode still had secrets and reveals but it is definitely information gathering to explore the bigger picture and overall season arc. The question this season poses is, can Weller and Jane get past their trust issues and work together and stop Sandstorm from destroying America and saving millions of lives?

The major question I have is the end scene. Is Roman kidnapping his sister because Shepherd found Cade and learnt the truth? If so then Jane is in so much trouble.


I just love this show and can not wait till next week.




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