How To Get Away With Murder S3E1

Damn Peter Nowalk and team you’ve done it again. TGIT is back  baby with HTGAWM (How To Get Away With Murder) and for those unaware TGIT is an abbreviation for thank god it’s Thursday and is used to reference Shonda Rhimes’s production company broadcasting their most compelling dramas with Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal which officially returns January 2017 (boo!!!!!).

Tonight’s return of HTGAWM saw the return of the brilliant Viola Davis to our screens. Last season Annalise learnt that Frank was responsible for the death of her own son and Wes introduces himself to his biological father Wallace Mahoney and if you remember from last season’s flashbacks.screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-8-05-51-pm



In this episode we see Frank taking Wes to meet his biological father and then to get back into Annalise’s good graces kills Wallace Mahoney in the street. Leaving Wes to be interrogated by police as a witness. He lies explaining he is not from around here and was asking for directions. Annalise picks Wes up and they drive to a turnpike where they walk into the dark forest and scream their frustrations. screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-8-06-05-pm

Annalise explains that Frank and Wallace, ‘ are not worth losing ourselves over’.



This cuts to Frank shaving his sexy starting with the beard and his hair. Now I know it is superficial but damn that beard was capital Fine.

This brings us to the present and four months after that night.


September, the beginning of a new year at Middleton University.

Wes rides through the campus to class where he meets Laurel Castillo outside.


Laurel has it bad for Wes after their kiss last season, but Wes has moved on to Meggie

‘Homies over here’.


The ever trying and constantly overprivileged Asher Millstone aka Douch-face slips in front of his peers whilst trying to impress them.

Annalise begins the first class back by welcoming the students to Criminal Law Legal Clinic where they are no longer students but practising lawyers.

‘You finally get to be me’. – Annalise

The Keating Five all looked shocked as Annalise’s draws her attention the direction to find someone has put a Killer flyer up on the whiteboard.



The class introduces us to the new class dynamic. Michaela Pratt new found bratty attitude is unbearably whiny. I preferred her character when she thought she was righteous and upper-class. The new member of the class with a speaking role is Mr Drake is my new douche-face all up there on his mighty self-righteous horse so much so even Annalise calls him a show-off. At the end of class the Keating 5 hang around to check on Annalise after the earlier flyer issue.

Paraprashing here. Annalise tells her concerned Keating 5 that ‘everything is fine, nothing bad has happened all summer and do you know why because we are all good people now’.

Annalise begins her pro bono clinic cases and it is revealed later in the episode that the University view her person past to interfere with her teacher as all of the Keating 5 grade’s were in the below 10% of the class which was the first time it has happened. This year; however, it seems that Wes is taking academia all in his stride struggling on the first ever class to working hard and producing results worthy of a real lawyer.

Annalise gardening in May when Laurel arrives, she announces her trip to Mexico to visit her mother. They have a quick quarrel over Laurel’s loyalty to Frank or her.

‘Do you think I would actually be ok with what he did to Wes?’ – Laurel

When she goes to leave Annalise asks Laurel to…

‘… bring me some tequila, I am sick of vodka’


Back in class, they go through possible defences to keep their client from being deported.



Wes has been doing his research and is really coming into his own as a successful student. A+.


It then flashes back to June when Annalise visits Conner in a rooftop paddling pool where they agree not to allow his boyfriend, Oliver to work at the firm because they will ruin him. The scene follows up with Oliver asking for a job and boy does he wants its. Annalise declines, but Oliver tries to persuade her by revealing his deleted Connor’s Standford acceptance letter and hacked Standford to rerouted a confirmation email so that his boyfriend stays with him. It really cute because he has absolutely no idea just what they have done in the past and the truth would quite possibly ruin him much in the same way it did Asher after last season.

Domesticity suits Annalise for the first time in a long time she looks happy, she has finally found her bliss with former Detective Nate Laher. Between the foot rubs and BBQ’s in summer they really have properly gotten together with screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-8-11-28-pmno police interference, no death, just love.
It is temporarily disturbed by Asher Millstone comes to Annalise asking for a loan. Since the suicide of his father and not speaking to his mother his once spoilt funded lifestyle is gone.

Annalise laughs.

‘Because your white ass hasn’t struggled a day in your life’. – Annalise

‘You need money get a job like everyone else’. – Annalise

This cuts to Asher’s new lifestyle as a dorm

Asher and Michaela are still friends with benefits.


‘You’re discriminated against me because I am poor now’. – Asher

‘Welcome to America’. – Michaela



‘Now let’s go your look like your working the corner at this point’. – Annalise to Michaela.



The B storyline depicts the case with client Karem Assif who is may be deported for possession with intent to supply for having an illicit drug in his car. It turns out it was his daughters but chose to protect her. This case to me was so interesting because usually something will happen and Annalise and her team manage to free the client guilty or not, but this time, it sees the innocent client deported from America without his two children.

The episode ends 2 months from September with Annalise’s house on fire and a body. Whose body I here you ask? I have eliminated Nate and Frank because the size of the body under the sheet doesn’t look large enough for both men.

I think the writers this season have decided to switch gears and turn their current storyline structure where the victim is identified and we switch between timelines of flashback or flashforwards to leads us to the killer. Instead, creator Peter Nowalk and his brilliant team of writers have chosen to keep the identity of the victim a secret right until the final episode or at least mid-season finale. Well played.

My theory is that victim is Bonnie Winterbottom and she was killed by Wes Gibbons after he found out she killed Rebecca and the house fire is a cover. It’s weak but that is all I have so far I have major doubts because a house fire deliberate doesn’t seem like something the Keating 5, Frank, or Bonnie would do.






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