Blindspot S2E3 Recap and Review

BANG! An explosive start, literally. A bomb goes off in a taxi in Brooklyn. The team must stop them to save the lives of innocent people as two bombers intend to set off nine more bombs. Of course, this finally links back to Jane’s tattoos.

Meanwhile, we begin with Jane waking up from being knocked out in the closing minutes of the last episode; she is groggy and in enemy territory.  Sandstorms have her in an abandoned Mansion in the woods. Shepherd is still skeptical over Jane’s loyalty and orders her to complete a test. She must kill one of the operatives she recruited before becoming Jane Doe.


Cade’s lie comes back to bite Jane in the butt when Shepherd learns that Cade fled to Venezuela a month ago. Jane quickly recovers basically telling her how she escaped the CIA.


Kurt wakes from a night of drinking and all I could think about wasn’t his apartment empty last episode and all of a sudden there is furniture in its usual place. I posted it because I thought it was such a beautiful shot.




Well, I was curious and went back to last weeks blog and found this. It looks like it may have just been the room that Kurt’s father occupied during their brief reconciliation.



Weller is concerned that he can’t get in touch with Jane. Nas informs him that Sandstorm probably has her. Patterson interrupts as she informs them of a bomb explosion in Brooklyn. After the second one in Manhattan, Patterson links it to one of Jane’s tattoos.

The team investigates bombs that are going off at Navy locations across New York. This links to Jane’s tattoo and exposes a Navy facility on an island in Puerto Rico who still illegal test some bombs like the ones used and explosives that have cancerous rays that killed hundreds on the island.


On the drive to Jeffery’s house, Roman tells Jane the story of the Rabbit. When Roman and Remy were in the orphanage they were given rabbits to care for and love. The caretakers ordered them to kill the rabbit’s and Remy “Jane” snapped its neck faster than any other child in there.

Jane is given a loyalty test where she must kill Jeffery an operative she recruited herself before the memory wipe. Jane fails the test and Roman kills Jeffery instead

Jane returns to the FBI for the first time and boy is Weller glad to see her. So many feelings. I am seeing glimpses of the old Weller and Jane before the whole traitor confrontationscreen-shot-2016-09-29-at-10-52-38-am

Kurt ‘She is not a killer’.

Nas ‘yes, she is a killer’

Meanwhile, an important B storyline is Edgar Reade trying to come to terms with Freddie’s comments that he too was a victim of his old football coach as a child. Reade still doesn’t have clear memories of the events and asks Dr Borden about suppressed memories.



The team gets a lead to the next location for the target.


Zapata and Reade disable the third bomb but shooting at it of all things And Jane kills one of the bombers?

Jane makes a reckless decision when she goes after one of the suspects. In a struggle Jane’s life is in danger and Kurt shoots the suspect to protect her.

Later in the episode, while Jane is sidelined she meets with Dr Borden. Jane questions her own instinct. This links back to the story of the rabbit and Jane’s internal unease with killer instinct or predisposition to violence question she asks Borden and when Nas refers to Jane as a killer.

Dr Borden ‘Have faith your moral compass will dread you in the right direction’. Jane takes a brief solace in that.

The team minus a sidelined Jane circulate the last bomber at a Navy recruitment center in Queens. Weller offers himself as the negotiator but is forced into a vest strapped with explosives and tries to calm man with the switch that could end his life. In attempts to stop the man Weller speaks and a flashback of when Alison told him that there was room in the babies life if he wants it.


It seems that all meaningful conversations happen in the locker rooms of the FBI. Kurt enters where Jane is getting ready to head home. She tells him that she feels that she is being pulled in all different directions after she was allowed to join the team to find the bombers then sidelined the second time.

‘You’re right you have been put in an impossible position Jane. So what do you need?’ – Kurt

Internally I am screaming “YOU! She just needs you and you need her”. Then I picked Castle season four finale scene when Castle and Beckett FINALLY get together. But all Jane could muster was an I don’t know. But alas we still have a way to go before Jeller will and can be together, I still hope is either just before she finds out about the baby. Jane admits that she had never realized just how easy it was to be Taylor Shaw.

And from Jane’s expression, she is scared of both but more of the CIA. She is then interrupted by Jane’s pager from Roman.


‘You don’t have to do this’ – Kurt

‘What are my choices. I either go back to Sandstorm or I go back to the CIA’ – Jane

While Jane goes to her meeting point the slightly upbeat C storyline continues to play out. Dr Borden asked Patterson out of a date, this being the first since her ex-boyfriend David was killed by a Russian in the middle of season one. At first, Patterson was hesitant especially when she overhears Dr Borden speak Arabic and lie to her face. Very suspicious, are they trying to plant clues to let viewers think he could be the mole? Aside from Borden, the most obvious suspect Nas is still listening to Jane’s therapy sessions.  But a girl chat from Zapata changes her mind and she agrees to dinner.

When Jane arrives she learns that Roman covered for her cementing her trust with Shepherd again.

‘Welcome back, Remy’ – Shepherd

‘It’s good to be home’ – Jane

Shepherd then invites Jane to say a few words in a team bonfire to say goodbye to Oscar. Shepherd is still unaware Jane killed him. The dialogue plays over both Jane and another scene where Weller, Patterson, Zapata, and Reade have a farewell for Mayfair in her office back at the FBI Headquarters.


Again in the locker rooms, Reade decides to tell Zapata about his conversation with Freddie by telling her that he too may have been assaulted by his football coach.


Back at Sandstorm Jane stands with Roman by the fire. She thanks him for protecting her by lying to Shepherd.


Roman threatens Jane that if she doesn’t find her old self (Remy) …

…’If you can’t find Remy on your own I’m going to find your rabbit and make him bleed.’ – Roman

In this regard, Roman is suggesting that Kurt is her rabbit. And that is where they leaves us.







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