Blindspot S2E4 – If Beth

Like all episode names of Blindspot they are an analogy. If Beth translates to,  the FBI. Which if added to the previous episode of season two uncovers,

Nothing is more dangerous

They evoke fear

For their moment is near

The FBI.

Leading up to the tattoo linked case we revisit the character personal lives and where they are at since the last episode. Roman takes Jane to Lake Arora to try and get a reaction, to get angry. Lake Arora is the beginning of Sandstorm if you will when almost 40 years ago when a water company and local government covered up a leak that caused cancer, death, and health issues that plagued hundreds of families in the area including Shepherd.

Reade is running on a treadmill with flashbacks of his conversation with Freddie about Coach Jones and the revelation that he too was a victim.

Kurt and Allie talk of their immediate fears in becoming parents where Kurt announces to Allie that he is all in. They hug. I die a little inside because what about Jane, it isn’t fair. (cue What About Me lyrics)

When Jane returns to the FBI part of her double agent status means she of course reveals Roman’s motives. Nass declares Sandstorm is trying to persuade her with visual propaganda but Jane nips it in the butt with

‘It’s not visual propaganda, it’s an outrage. – Jane

Looks like Jane journey for the truth means that Sandstorm isn’t all bad if they are exposing corruption to save lives.


Here comes the tattoo link. This week it is partial part to the honeycomb tattoo on Jane’s hand. The tattoo translates to a Homeland Security employee Bo Kaier identification number and the other spells SHDWCAT. Of course, Jane is clueless about ‘shadowcat’ but Zapata helps us clueless out. SHDWCAT is a hacker on the dark web who is so good he/she hacks the government.

The team travels to Bo Kaier’s home where Jane and Zapata must save the hard drives while Reade and Weller catch Kaier. Reade gets to him fiscreen-shot-2016-10-29-at-7-44-28-pmrst but is emotionally involved when he links what Bo does (abusing his power of authority) with Coach Jones and lays far too many punches into him and is only stopped when Weller pulls him off.

Back at the FBI and further into the investigation the hard drives that Jane and Zapata could save uncover plans or grade A mapping systems of floor plans that will allow for heists to occur without getting caught. The maps are so accurate that they act as training simulations to allow robberies of the most secure buildings no matter how much security.

The most recent plan sold was that of the Abely Museum of Art who will be hosting a gala two days from then. Weller suggests that the team go undercover. I love  these kinds of episodes because we learn so much more about the characters when they are trying to be someone else.

My first of two favourite moments from this episode was when Jane was struggling to get the zip to her gown done up and Weller enters the bathroom and offers his assistance. He then pulls out a small black box and says…

‘We will be needing these’ – Kurt

Adorably, Jane mistakens the box for wedding rings.

‘Oh, we are playing a married couple again?’ – Jane to which he replies

‘No, inner ear coms so nobody knows we’re crashing the party’ – Kurt

Oh her face said it all.

This particular undercover mission sees Patterson tag along with a very futuristic purse.


The hosts of the party is Oliver Kind (Ironic) from the Clean Water Initiative which immediately grabs Jane’s attention and sees her introduce herself to him asking questions about Lake Arora. They get a little flirty which is cute especially because everyone including Kurt can hear. When Weller gets nervous of her questions he tries to pull her away. Which leads me to my favourite moment when Jane introduces Weller as her brother.

‘Excuse my brother, he doesn’t like social events’ – Jane

Kurt was shut down, but it was nice to see Jane have her own jealousy win. But then Kurt gets the upper hand when he tells Jane

‘Just focus on THIS mission’ – Kurt

Low blow, Man.

The team find the killer but not before she murders two people. Elizabeth Gubara is a trained CIA agent who attacks Patterson and fights with Jane in a cool action scene where they use swords from the exhibit. Gubara escapes after using a flash bomb on Jane.

They eventually capture her in the house of her next victim. In the interrogation room Gubara tells Jane and Kurt that she was a CIA agent to the two victims she killed exiled her when they labelled her a terrorist and destroyed any evidence that she was an agent. Jane sympathises immediately since the story is reminiscent of Jane. The similarities continue when she tells them she was captured and tortured but escaped to enact her revenge. Kill the people that destroyed her life and whom she held accountable for the death of her husband and daughter.

The search shifts to corroborating Elizabeth’s story and Jane tries heavily to defend her to Nass because they share a similar experience. Zapata finds the daughter alive but they must rush to save her. After a shoot out Jane is able to coax Meridia out with an honest story.

‘I know it doesn’t make sense right now but it is possible to lie to someone and still love them very much’ – Jane

I mean it is so blatantly obvious she is talking about her and Weller but just in case you were not sure they cut to a close-up shot of her looking at him followed by a shot of him.

Back at the FBI, mother and daughter are reunited as Kurt and Jane watch on and here comes my absolute favourite/heartbreaking moment.

‘Everyone she’s ever loved lied to her, you don’t get over that’ – Kurt

Then Jane gives him the dirtiest look. I mean she could cut someone.


‘This is exhuasting, you don’t trust me, they (Sandstorm) don’t trust me and if I am honest I don’t trust Sandstorm so I am stuck here in the middle with no one’. – Jane

‘Jane, I didn’t mean that’. – Kurt

‘Yeah, you did.’ – Jane

Then 911, Jane is called back to Sandstorm.

Just at a time when Jane needed a side to feel like home, Sandstorm reveals enough information for her to feel as sense of belonging.


‘You need to know us, where we came from, where you came from’ – Shepherd.

In the closing moments of the episode, Reade parks out the front of Coach Jones’s house watching him. Meanwhile, back at the FBI Nass tells Weller that she had an informant in Sandstorm who sent her a video showing that they have been following Kurt for over twenty years.

Nass also says that they informant went quiet six months ago. UM Alarm bells. I mean give or take a few weeks but the timeline seems to fit that her informant goes missing just as Jane shows up in a duffle bag in Time Square. My theory is Jane was the Sandstorm informant and that send the video of Kurt to her suggests that Kurt is the mole. I mean he looked shocked when he found out but at the moment everyone is a suspect. I guess only time will tell.





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