Blindspot S2E5 -Jane learns of the baby!

‘Condone Untidiest Thefts’ or ‘Defends The Constitution’ 

This weeks episode was one that I have been looking forward to since the first time Alison Knight told Kurt that she was pregnant. The wonderful, glorious moment when Jane learns that Kurt Weller, the man she grew to love was going to be a father, but not with her. And between you and I, it was kind of a letdown. I feel like the writers have moved beyond the possibility of Jeller, that’s Jane and Weller and continued with  their own stories much to my disappointment. None the less, let’s continue with the rest of this weeks tattoo case and character revelations.

Jane takes a little control back in her life the only way people can see. By getting a new hairstyle. While attempting to cut it herself Shepherd enters and they have a moment where Jane tells Shepherd of memory involving a very specific ring.

Shepherd informs her that it must have been the doctor heals her back to health, later in the episode we discover it was after the Orion attack which saw Remy left for dead. This has Jane asking some very good but dangerous questions that have Roman worried Shepherd will test her loyalty which could end badly for Jane. Shepherd lies to her with a cover story, one in which protects the identity of the mole inside the FBI.


Then we peruse over the characters and introduce what they have been doing since the last episode. Kurt’s head is still spinning after revelations that Sandstorm has been following him. I believe it could be a clue to his involvement in Sandstorm but we will find out soon. screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-19-55-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-44-29-amscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-43-33-am

Zapata goes behind everyone’s back when she asks Shadowcat  how to solve one of the puzzles left behind by Mayfair. Nas is furious but the intel that he gave Zapata may just solve the spiraling galaxy image. screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-21-20-pmPatterson and Dr Bordena are in the bathroom after spending the night. I think it is safe to say they are now a couple.


Weller and Allie have a doctors appointment and Weller voices his concerns that Allie refuses to take it easy and tell her boss that she is pregnant placing both the baby and herself in danger.


Walking back into the FBI where the rest of the team is still waiting the first thing Weller does is notice and comment on Jane’s haircut. Oh, cut it out you two!! I want them together but these little moments are so exciting.


This comes back to this week’s case courtesy of Jane’s skull compass tattoo. Numbers within the compass correlate with five account numbers from Snapitz (Blindspot’s version of Snapchat) each account is owned by known members of the Irish mob part of the O’Malley’s crime family.



It this it is quite smart to send pictures and come up with a crime that way I mean how many people have seen this episode and began devising a crime using Snapchat. The pictures were of a chess board with differently placed pieces across the board and each move corresponded to letters in a hidden message.

The team make it to the park but whilst looking for the crime they miss the cameraman who blends into the crowd among the other news media. Inside the camera is a gun, pull the trigger and walk away without people really noticing you. The shot successfully hits but not kill State Senator Quinn Donoghue.

This case brings US Marshall Allie and her team to the FBI to cooperate. Allie has a connection to the O’Malley family and despite Weller’s protests, she joins the investigation. This is the part of the episode when it gets really interesting. I mean Weller, Jane, and Allie in the same room. It is just a matter of time before the baby news it announced. It is just a matter of how and when.

In true crime drama format, the evidence leads one way but the red herring approach leads to a big confrontation. Ballistics (bullet evidence) leads them the suspected head of the Irish mob Patrick O’Malley and Allie asks the obvious question.

‘Why would Patrick have someone use his own gun to take Donahue out?’- Allie

Back at the FBI O’Malley refuses to talk unless it is with Allie since Allie grew up with his sister (a school teacher). This forces Kurt to allow her into the investigation placing her in potential harm.

‘You are a US Marshall’ – Kurt

‘Yeah and she is a teacher, just because her family’s a bunch of criminals doesn’t mean she is’ – Allie

Was it just mean or can you see the parallels between Allie’s words and Jane’s situation? Just at that moment, Jane walks past the office looking at Kurt as he looks at her. Oh the subtext. screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-35-18-am


O’Malley tells Allie that his cousin the Senator is actually the head of the Irish mob. I have spent a lot of this episode questioning whether any of this could actually happen in real life. I mean we constantly hear of government officials abusing their power to get away with criminals or financial gain but how about one that is head of a whole criminal empire.  O’Malley reveals hidden evidence that could ruin Donaghue in a safety deposit box. The team escorts O’Malley, but it turns into an ambush. The team must quickly take cover as Allie and Jane take O’Malley to the evidence which Weller and Nas keep the attackers at bay. screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-30-38-am



The moment Allie tells Jane that she is pregnant and Kurt is the father.  It was a good moment but I really wanted to see Jane hurt, to see a little bit more betrayal.

Jane picks Allie up and makes a run for it as they are met by a frantic and desperate Weller who takes over. In the hospital, Allie admits it’s time to take a step back from field work.







This is the moment after Kurt thanks Jane for saving Allie that she tells him sweetly.

‘Congrats, I always thought you’d make an amazing dad.’ – Jane




Jane asks Patterson to help her find the owner of the ring from her flashback. Patterson’s search turns up nothing but they were sold all around Kabul. If Patterson is the mole then it could have been a direction from Shepherd to tell Jane nothing. You could see the disappointment on Jane’s face when Patterson said she couldn’t track it down.

‘I think it may have been a one-off.’ – Patterson


Jane makes a decision to call Oliver Kind the attractive activist from the previous undercover episode and ask him out for a drink.

Blindspot - Season 2

This is awkward yet endearing for Jane to take that leap especially with everything going on around her and being stuck in this impossible position.

All the meanwhile Reade takes a personal day to follow and eventually confront Coach Jones.


‘Was I one of them? Was I one of those kids you abused? – Reade

The episode finishes with Zapata tracking Reade’s phone to Coach Jones’s house. She arrives to see Reade standing over Coach Jones’s dead body.


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