Blindspot S2E6 – Remy, Roman, Romance

‘Her Spy’s Harmed – Shepherd’s Army’

Her Spy’s Harmed begins with Zapata finding Reade standing over Coach Jones’s dead body. It looks like Edgar finally got justice on his demon that has been haunting him for some time now and Zapata doesn’t believe him when he says that he didn’t do it. The third storyline that plays in the background has Zapata trying to insert herself into the investigation to lead any evidence away from Reade.

‘We’re the FBI, it’s got to count for something’ – Reade

‘I’m your friend, I believe you. Ask yourself if anybody else will?’ – Zapata

This episode doesn’t revolve around a tattoo but one of the files from Mayfairs files. In the last episode, Zapata asked Shadowcat (hacker) how to solve this puzzle and with a bit of help from the NSA Patterson was able to decrypt it. It reveals the location of Douglas Winter (Blindspot’s Snowdon, the writer kept it close Snow/Winter get it.)

‘Patterson, skip to the part where we catch him’ – Weller

Nas and Weller travel to Bulgaria where Winter is in hiding while Jane is forced to stay in the States and work Roman to figure out Sandstorms endgame.

‘He wants you to be Remy’ – Nas

So in order to gather intel with Roman, Jane must become Remy.

Sofia, Bulgaria.

Weller and Nas walk the cobblestone streets playing husband and wife. They quickly assess that they are being followed by another agency. Correct the set a trap to find the CIA followed them to Bulgaria for the same thing. Douglas Winter.

Meanwhile, Patterson whilst training with Dr Borden receives an alert that Michael Jones aka Coach Jones has been found dead.

In Sandstorm’s abandoned mansion, Jane waits twiddling a coin that Roman had given her. She has a flashback of her childhood. When Roman arrives he reveals the significance of the coin and it becomes a physical representation of their trust.

‘It was the last thing our parents gave to us’ – Roman


In the orphanage whenever they were scared, sad or on birthdays and special occasions they would give each other this coin to hold. Jane and Roman plan their mission to steal a microchip that is imperative to phase two Sandstorm.

Jane plays perfectly Remy well as she tries to convince Roman that she can be trusted and Roman is buying it relishing in having his sister back.

‘What’s my cover story with the FBI’ – Jane

‘My go to favourite. Food poising.’ – Roman

To which Jane playfully replies, ‘Mmm. I knew that sushi tasted funny’ – Jane



Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, Nas and Weller break into Winter’s penthouse suite only to find a frightened Douglas Winter. He reveals that he is not hiding from the US Government he is being held captive because he’s being framed and patsy for someone else’s illegal dealings.


When Weller and Nas ask why Bulgaria, he replies.

‘I’m wanted for treason. I need a place that would give me amnesty. It seemed like a fair trade. I sure up their cyber security, do some light hacking, and I get a place not to be dead.’ – Winter

Weller and Nas agree to help Winter especially after Winter convinces Weller that he and former Assistant Director Mayfair was helping him. They smuggle him out in a suitcase and make their way to the FBI safe house. Winter explains that three years ago two armed intruders enter his home and uploaded the crimes onto his laptop and told him to come to Bulgaria or suffer the consequences and though their voices we disguised Winter recorded it all in his glasses which acted as a microphone and hard drive.

Back in the US at Bradley Dynamics with Jane and Roman, they encounter a problem. Tom Nelson, the key into the laboratory is sick and they must adapt their plan. Jane takes lead in hopes that cagey Roman doesn’t kill anyone.

Patterson works her magic on the masked voices when Borden comes in and interrupts.

‘No, stop, turn around, leave. You can’t be here.’ – Patterson

‘Since when?’ – Borden

‘Since it, that’s classified’ – Patterson

Jane and Roman improvise and get into the lab so the plan continues as planned. As Jane chokes out Cindy, Jane explains,screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-35-27-pm

‘I know it doesn’t feel like it now but I am saving your life’. – Jane


‘Winning the war is bigger than any one soldier’. – Roman

Just as Jane is making some headway with Roman she accidentally pisses him off when she mentions his first reaction is to turn to violence.

‘When we first met, you killed six cops’ – Jane

‘That wasn’t the first time we met. We have a whole life together that you chose to erase’ – Roman

I mean that scene explain a lot about Jane’s motives, how much her relationship with her brother means not only to a memoryless Jane but Roman who remembers everything. Her face says it all. Though we haven’t seen Jane aggressive or angry Roman’s memory suggests a passionate, protective, do the right thing at any cost kind of woman. I wonder if we will see that Jane soon?

‘I see the way you look at me. You think I’m a sociopath. Well if I am it’s because you taught me how’ – Roman

Jane takes Roman’s pain and sees her chance to turn him but before she can explain the alarm bells start ringing as Jane and Roman’s clock just started ticking it expertly crosses to Weller and Nas under attack in Bulgaria as Keating from the CIA attempts to kidnap Winter. They stalk the darkened corridors of the safe house looking for a way to escape. Meanwhile, Jane watches Roman on the security feeds as he holds off the security so they can access the microchip. Jane contacts Patterson the to download it’s content so the FBI can learn of Sandstorms grand plan but, as it slowly begins to download. Jane sees Roman in trouble and has a flashback to her childhood in the orphanage where Roman is being held down by a kid who pulls a razor blade effective giving an explanation to Roman prominent facial scar.

Jane ditches her efforts for the FBI and chooses to go and help Roman. Roman is her family and she has a strong connection their that though she doesn’t remember she trusts and holds close. Coming to Romans rescue they make a run for it but get locked with the only way out a choice between blowing a hole through one wall. Jane and Roman believe they know which wall will lead them out but they disagree. In a display of trust Jane goes with Roman’s guess and lucky for them he was right and they make their escape but walking out the front door with the other workers being evacuated.

Patterson accidentally calls Borden her dead ex-boyfriend name and comes to his office to apologize. Does anyone else think that for a psychologist office it look incredibly like a mental institution? A stark white concrete box has two chairs, a coffee table, and a rug. It is very cold and not like any psychologist office I have seen on television but back to Patterson and Borden.

‘I’m just worried because sometimes I have a hard time choosing between my personal life and my work and I always choose work’. – Patterson

Then Borden comes back with a romantic spiel about wanting all of Patterson, not just fragments and she is left partially speechless which for Patterson is big. Borden leaves the room leaving Patterson with her thoughts. Slung on the chair she stares up at lights where she notices it. A bug. Not that kind of bug and listening devise. She does a little investigating and learns that the bug is transmitting from Zero Division the underground part of the NSA that Nas directs. Patterson calls Weller who is on his way back to the FBI with Nas and Winter.

Back with Jane and Roman at the Sandstorm mansion where Roman is upset, that she came back for him. His position on the bed makes him look like a child. His knees tucked up just as brothers and sisters would when talking to each other but the thing is they are not children anymore and a lot has happened.

‘Remy would have protected the mission at all costs’. – Roman

‘Yeah well you might not want to hear this but if that’s true. I don’t want to be Remy. I hope she never comes back’. – Jane

Then Jane opens the puzzle box that Roman gave to her at the beginning of the episode and inside is a gum wrapper. The significance being that what the kids stole the coin and sliced Roman’s face Jane gave Roman the wrapper as a substitute. Roman breaks down in tears and Jane you can feel sense the importance and her connection with Roman and even calls him by his birth name.

‘I love you. I love you Ian’ – Jane


Zapata removes Reade’s tape from Jones’s house and crime scene and back at his apartment they fight. Later in the episode, Zapata convinces the security guard that places Reade out the front of Jones’s house before his murder that Reade was on an FBI case. It’s not until Zapata shows up at Reade’s apartment to confront him about Jones’s autopsy that suggests he choked to death contradicting the timeline that Reade said.

Finally, everyone is back at the FBI headquarters as Jane walks in late to find Winter in holding and Nas watching over him and she starts with Jane.

‘Why did you abort your counter mission?’ – Nas

Jane explains that she can turn Roman but Nas is mad and after a little back and forth they are interrupted by the rest of the team lead by Patterson who informs everyone that she successfully unmodulated the voices from Winter’s framed listening device. Jane instantly identifies the voices as Roman and Shepherd as the real traitors.

Then Weller drops a bombshell after asking Patterson to loop Shepherd recording

‘I know that voice’- Weller

‘Your saying you know Shepherd, but how? Where from? – Jane

These are all great questions ones that I to want answers to. We end this week’s episodes with close up expressions of everyone as they absorb the magnitude of the information.

But this was the episode that I was dreading apparently the writers thought it was smart to have Weller and Nas sleep together. WHY? WHY? WHY? All I am saying is there better be a bloody good reason. Nas comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden, they make a connection that is supposedly stronger/better than Jane. Come on I smell a stitch up. Fair enough Jane basically broke his heart when she lied to him and also no being Taylor Shaw but still Jane deserves to have someone too.


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