How To Get Away With Murder S3E6

Is someone really dead? The title of this week’s episode leaves an interesting question. Of course, someone dies but what to think, what to think?

Bonnie is in real trouble with Annalise despite the fact she came bearing evidence that Frank killed Mahoney that would clear Wes if anything went south. The fight between Bonnie and Annalise showcases their relationship, the highs and lows and the pain they have gone through. Annalise is rough and brazen with her words but Bonnie has been through worse. She takes it on the chin.

‘Did Frank finally spread your legs because that is the only reason I can come up with for you to be this stupid’ – Annalise

Wes and Laurel get a call from Maggie who tells them that the police are at Wes’s door asking questions.

‘You take one more step and I will chain you in the basement like Rebecca’ – Annalise

And we all know what happened to Rebecca. Bonnie.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-5-42-04-pmAnnalise uses her manipulation skills to get her job back and can start practising law and teacher her class again. The case is of Danny Alvodar, a war veteran, who attacked a man in a nightclub by slitting his throat. She recalls her story and that the same thing happened to her during a tour. Pleading PTSD Michaela uncovers their client lied and was on desk duty when the alleged attack occurred. Without a defence, Annalise continues with the case and eventually wins by sending Alvodor to get help instead of jail time.



Back at Annalise’s home and in attempts to keep honesty between the Keating 5, Annalise gathers them to inform them of Wes’s situation involving his father.


‘Since when have I not protected you, even when I hated you’. – Annalise

‘We are good people now.’ – Annalise.

Bonnie VS Wes and Connor VS Wes

This episode looked more at Wes and how he is handling everything from his girlfriend Maggie, to Laurel, to Annalise’s happiness. Both Bonnie and Connor blame Wes for everything that has gone wrong in their lives.

‘Everything that has happened to us in this house is your fault’ – Connor

There is also a lot of threatening lives than usual. Annalise threatens Frank, and Connor threatens Wes.

When Wes tries to come up with an answer to save them Annalise knocks him back. He then questions why she won’t go to the police about Frank, he believes it is because she doesn’t want to. This is when she reveals that Frank and Wes’s biological father Mahoney killed her unborn son, but the most interesting reveal was Annalise’s confession that she was the one who took Wes’s name of the waitlist allowing him to be accepted in Middleton Law School.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-5-49-33-pm

‘You don’t want to turn Frank in. – Wes

‘Don’t be stupid, I lost a child because of him’ – Annalise

Ollie goes on a date with Thomas and make out at Oliver’s apartment door, oh would if break my sister’s heart to see that since for will forever ship Ollie and Connor. Connor still wants Oliver and inevitably, if Connor doesn’t die, they will be together again.

‘We broke up, I’m allowed to see other people’ – Oliver

Meanwhile, Michaela and Asher break up when he pushes and makes fun of her southern upbringing, but in the flash-forward Michaela is with her adoptive mother when she gets a call from Oliver informing her of the fire, she rushes out in search for Asher. She finds him at a dorm party on campus.

After their conversation Wes steals the evidence impliating Frank and destroys it in front of Laurel to witness so not of it can be linked back to Annalise. Then one thing leads to another….

‘I’m not in love with Frank.’ – Laurel

‘I broke up with Maggie’ – Wes

Then they make their way to bed screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-5-28-19-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-30-at-5-28-33-pmand sleep together.

Really Laurel? Because the time that she hasn’t seen Frank or slept with Wes makes me think there is a third potential father for the baby. Laurel and Wes sleep together but if the timeline is true Wes can not be the father of her unborn child since this episode is from three weeks before the house fire.

While Laurel and Wes are doing the dirty news breaks around all the characters that Mahoney’s biological son has been arrested for his murder. Annalise is freaking out because she can not get hold of Wes. As to keep the suspense Laurel goes looking around her very fancy apartment to find him sitting in front of the television. It is then revealed that a familiar face has been charged. It was none other than Charles Mahoney (Wilson Bethel, aka Wade from Hart of Dixie) from season two who was one of Annalise’s clients and initially brought Mahoney back into their lives. Annalise believes it was of Frank’s doing so that he can come home. For a split second, I thought that Frank offered himself as the asailent, but alas Frank is up to his old tricks on framing people for murder.

The final shot was of Frank driving back into Philidelphia.



It was revealed that the body in the house was in fact male. The potential victims include Connor, Wes, Nate, and Frank. Or in true dramatic style is there a twist where it isn’t any of them just the dick student who was in charge of plastering killer posters of Annalise all over campus.

But that wasn’t the kicker apparently, according to Asher, Annalise called them all to her house. Was she hacked? Or did she, in fact, lure all of them to the house?

This episode came back to Wes and Annalise and played more with anger and lust. There were a lot of hook ups and fights this episode and it’s all leading to one place and with two episode left we are two week away from learning the truth. Was the fire an accident or is someone out for revenge. Does Laurel know that she is pregnant?




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