Blindspot S2E7 -This life doesn’t belong to you!

I want to start off by saying I think this is my favourite episode of this season. As a stand alone episode, it is witty and speaks a lot about the character that a person has and trust. It also does not include the little will they won’t they moments and storyline developments between Jane and Weller and Jane’s whole character arch through season two as she tries hard to pave her way back into the good graces with the FBI while risking her life to play Remy in enemy territory. This week saw the return of Blindspot’s most lovable villain Rich Dot Com. Yes, that is his real name. This whole episode was playful and all sorts of adorable for Jane. Jane is struggling to find her place in the world. She doesn’t fit at Sandstorm or the FBI and this episode sees her envision a life for herself but others have a different plan for her.

At opening scene, we are thrusted into Jane’s fantasy dream turn nightmare as she is in the kitchen chopping carrots, lathering cakes and kissing Weller in her domestic bliss. She is happy. Weller by her side and joined by Roman who shares a bromance hug with Weller and framed pictures on the wall of the three of them during various times of happiness. They all sit around the dining table laughing and sharing stories.

Then all of a sudden the front door to the apartment swings open and nobody is there, the lit candles are blown out, Weller and Roman disappear as Jane moves to the door looking out to the corridor. Lying on the ground is a replica duffle bag addressed to the FBI. Now if you haven’t seen the first episode, first of all, why are you reading this and not watching the series from the beginning and secondly this is the moment Remy became Jane Doe. Her second chance if you will. Then, Jane is confronted by herself and for all purposes, I will refer to her as Remy. Remy burst through the door the only words spoken in this scene come from her.

‘This doesn’t belong to you’. – Remy

Then one hell of a fight scene. New Jane VS Old Jane


‘You can’t have this’ – Remy

The two engage in a violence brawl across the apartment but it stops as Remy plunges a knife into Jane’s heart and new Jane jolts up from her nightmare. What a great way to start an episode, for weeks now Jane is struggling to find her place, her happy and tonight we got a little glimpse into an alternative life. Though short time will tell how Jane’s story will unfold.

In the morning at FBI headquarters, the team are engaged in a meeting about Sandstorm. Zapata and Nas direct serious shade and snide comments at Jane as they blame Jane for not allow Patterson to access the complete chip that she and Roman stole in the last episode.

‘You were alone with the chip, Jane, you had your chance’, – Nas

‘I aborted the mission to save Roman’s life. I know how bad that sounds but if Roman dies my cover dies with him. He is the closest thing to an allies that I have within Sandstorm and he can be our allies to’. – Jane

‘Saving your brother is not one of our mission’ – Nas

Eventually, Weller steps in and basically tells everyone to take five while he speaks to Nas alone. They get to his office and he tells her in not so many words to back off Jane and that if she continues to push her against her brother they may loose her then he confronts her about the chip in Borden’s office.

Patterson and Jane are alone in the elevator when one of their phones goes off. They both check and it’s Jane’s she smiles the I have a secret crush smile which is adorable and Patterson is curious. What makes this scene better is that whilst revealing she has been texting Oliver Kind she is oblivious to his meaning behind the text. Oliver is trying to ask Jane out but she doesn’t know what or how to reply.

How many times have you been out? – Patterson

I’ve never been on a real date, that I can remember. – Jane

I remember my first date, it took me forever to stop crying’ – Patterson

This is all a great transitional scene by the writers to place Patterson in the main area so that she can witness all the systems in the area shutting down.



‘Rich Dot Com dark web hacker we caught last year’ – Zapata

‘Until I busted out and got these guys to help me steal half a billion dollars worth of art.’ – Rich

Rich gives them an ultimatum, to bomb the coordinates, or lose ever FBI file in existence.

You have until I’ve finished binge watching Stranger Things. No Spoiler please.’ – Rich Dot Com

During the conversation, Weller realises that Rich is in his apartment and they trap him. Bursting through the door Rich is casually sitting in Kurt’s armchair drinking his beer.

‘He seems pretty calm for someone who’s getting arrested. – Jane

Rich reveals that a hitman, the Arcadian, the man so good he is a ghost story on the dark web has been hired to kill Rich. During their friendly interrogation, Rich tells them that his boyfriend Boston Crabb was killed and now in order for the Arcadian to kill him, they need to get through the FBI.

‘His last words were, such a beautiful place to die with you.’ – Rich


For all Harry Potter fans, you instantly know this iconic scene. Patterson gives him a quizzical look she is on to him. One of the many great things about Rich is his observational skills and his smart ass remarks. The actor delivers the lines of dialogue beautifully with sass and boldness.


‘There is a lot of emotional distance between you two right now. Imean you can’t even maintain eye contact.’ – Rich

Rich senses that tension and picks up on what is going on between Nas and Weller.

‘Oh, that is interesting’ – Rich

And Jane doesn’t even know.

To add to the many great quotes from Rich this episode,

‘Kurt is clearly still in love with you. You don’t see this.’ -Rich

‘Bye, Rich.’ – Jane

Rich my man! It is a nice way to inadvertently bring the subject to their attention. I mean Jane doesn’t know about Weller and Nas yet. Still not on board with that relationship.

The team take Rich down to holding and return to CYAK (main floor of FBI) to try and identify the Arcadian. Jane’s attention is drawn to a noise.

‘There something in the wall.’ – Jane

Rich burrows his way out of the air vent.

It is now apparent the Arcadian is in the building. After some back and forth with Rich about the reason someone has a hit out on him Jane gives him an honest response.

‘I believe people can change and that there is good everyone. Even you.’ – Jane

Zapata and Reade are sent to investigate the Arcadian in the lower levels of the FBI. They encounter the Arcadian, they fight and Zapata is dragged away. While downstairs on the main floor the entire team aim their weapons at the arriving elevator.

Water cooler bomb in the elevator. Cool. Visually and storyline wise this is a cool scene offset by Patterson and Weller impressive attempts to defuse it.

‘I don’t say thing enough you’re very good at your job’ – Weller to Patterson after she quickly comes up with a plan to minimise the bomb blast.


‘Would you accept a pinky swear’ – Rich

Weller and Nas agree to leave Rich alone shortly so they can trick the Arcadian to thinking Rich is alone. Nas goes with Reade to try and save Zapata from the poison while Weller and Jane stay with Rich. After he loops the footage they lay in wait. Jane has major nightmare flashback to the beginning of the episode where she fights herself. Hit by hit Jane battles the Arcadian when she hears Remy telling Jane that this does not belong to you again.

After Weller kills the Arcadian exactly like Remy killed Jane in the nightmare they send Rich to prison transporting him that very night except it is a cover. The driver is Boston Crabb and the guards in the back are male strippers. As they drive away, they are pulled over and caught by Weller and the team. Rich is confused as to how they were caught. Patterson proudly tells them that she foiled their plan within a plan within a plan. Patterson faked her injury to follow a hunch while Rich thought he was getting away with his fake plan all while trying to pull off a getaway.

‘The lab lady’ – Boston

‘How did you know I was still alive?’ – Boston

‘It was your death story. It’s how Dobby dies in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.’ – Patterson

‘You made me a house elf?’ – Boston

They bicker in front of everyone.

‘Can you please not embarrass me in front of my friends’ – Rich

Weller and Patterson explain how Rich’s story had Patterson on to him and from that moment she and Weller were in on the plan to catch Rich out. Whoever contributed to the dialogue to this episode has incredible skills not only in drama but humour and storytelling as the whole e[pisode comes full circle in its themes of trust.

‘Two jerks for the price of one. Boom!’ – Patterson

‘To catch a con you gotta hatch a con’ – Patterson


‘It’s nice to know people don’t change’. – Weller

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-47-36-pmOh no, he didn’t. Weller just unintentionally offended the hell out of Jane. I mean the words. Shot through the heart. Come to mind when the camera cuts to Jane’s reaction. Jane has changed and progresses so much as a character from innocent to potential villain to the point where she is trying to redeem herself and be better than Remy, but Weller basically just said that he doesn’t believe people can change. That Jane cannot change and will always be a bad person at the end. Jane believes that people can change, she has to, she wants to.

Elsewhere in the state of New York at they yet to be identified Sandstorm place the final touches on their plan and man are Sandstorm stockpiling C4 explosives. There reason to show this during this episode it purely to set up the next two and plant plot points. The mole inside the FBI alerts Roman to the dead drop something he/she is only supposed to do in an emergency.

Jane goes on a date with hottie Ollie, Oliver Kind. When Oliver asks an innocent enough question of Jane about getting the basic questions out the way it is then Jane realises she really can not have a normal life.

Where are you from? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Where do you work? What’s with all the tattoo’s you didn’t have last time?’ – Oliver

Jane can’t be honest with him, she doesn’t want to hurt another people she cares about, and it’s so sad. Jane deserves something good in her life. Someone like Oliver that she can share moments with but Jane herself doesn’t have all those answers and for now what she does isn’t really what she is proud to tell people. I work for the FBI sent as a mole by an organisation called Sandstorm who are looking to change the world one C4 brick at a time.

‘Oliver, I’m sorry. I can’t do this’ – Jane

‘Why?’ – Oliver

‘This doesn’t belong to me’ – Jane

If I was wearing a hat I would take it off for this week’s writer because the repetition of that line of dialogue plaguing Jane all episode and having herself believe it is beautiful. Bravo.

Throughout the episode in the background, Zapata and Reade continue their side case with the murder of Coach Jones. Before Zapata is abducted and poisoned by the Arcadian she and Reade fought about the case and the fact Zapata still doesn’t completely trust that Reade didn’t kill Coach Jones. Therefore the last scene for that case shows Zapata walking into the police station that is holding evidence from the Coach Jones case, she steals it but realises it was Freddie who killed Coach Jones.

Roman is furious to learn from the mole that Jane is working for the FBI. OH OBY! Jane is in trouble next week.


Till Next Week.





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