Blindspot Episode Eight

We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters” – “When The Soldiers Attack, We Fight On”

After a weeks break, Blindspot returned and this particular episode took a different direction with an alternative story structure by telling this episode primarily as secondary information. A lot of flashbacks are utilised to follow the event that leads to current time without resorting to the chyron (text on the bottom of the screen) method for example when episodes show time but displaying 3 days earlier, a tool that they have previously utilised. On a side note, this episode played host to a brief Rookie Blue reunion with two cast members; AUSA Weitz and Clive Doyle, who both have had previously roles in the Canadian crime drama.

Zapata and Reade camped out in the parking lot of a convention centre waiting. Zapata admits to stealing the murder weapon in the Coach Jones case from evidence lockup because she still believed Reade killed him. Alas, the knife reveals that Freddie, Reade old football friend killed Jones and Zapata freaks out that she has broken the law for nothing. They are interrupted by gunshots from within the building and the surrounding FBI agents surround the building capturing Lynn Parker and Clive Doyle who they know but the audience still do not know what’s going on. From the outside, it looks like we have missed the beginning of the episode.


Before going undercover Patterson tells the group, her plans for Baby Weller’s gender reveal party. They all stand awkwardly around as Patterson finally realises that Jane wasn’t invited. Oh her face, such sadness.

The case follows one of Janes tattoo from an old case, which involved a puppy (yes puppy) forum that acts as a front to hiring people for crimes. The episode begins in the middle of the case but it went wrong so we pick up with the team trying to find Weller and Jane. It turns out the Weller and Jane were undercover during the case and they are now missing.

‘Sounds like a classic he said/she said’ – Clive

‘Sounds funny considering she is the only one talking’ – Nas


The case leads the team to hunt for Nico Marconi, number eight on the FBI’s most wanted list is secretly Emile the fourth member of heist team. In the interrogation room, Clive and Lynn’s retell their version of events and both suggest that there was something going on between Weller and Jane.

‘She was vibeing with me and he was jealous’ – Clive

But as Clive continues his story it is easy to tell that he is embellishing the truth that my stirring desire for these two characters is not happening just yet. Clive’s ego to make himself look like the hero. Clive is a wannabe action star in his version of events he is the hero of the story with martial art style action scenes where he clearly thinks highly of himself. Clive claimed he was leading the action, smuggling in the weapons, and attracting Jane’s attention.


‘How about we skip the part where you single handily fought off 20 arms guards’ – Nas


Clive’s character offers a funny diversion in addition to his humorous take on the versions of events. This leads to Jane and Weller acting out his version which lets the audience see another side to them, fake or not it was entertaining.

The team eventually find Jane in the middle of the road as she tells them the real version of events including Weller sneaking onto the boat so Chen and Marconi didn’t get away. Revealing that the mission wasn’t to steal files but a woman. A skilled Dr Chen who can create a machine that can cause tsunamis and take out islands and cities.


Jane tries to convince Weller to let her get on the boat by telling him a list of people that would miss him.

‘No, I will get on the yacht.’ – Jane

‘No Jane’ – Weller

‘We both know how dangerous this is. You have a baby on the way, you have Sarah, and Sawyer. People who would miss you if anything happened to you. Look I’m just being practical but no one would miss me.’ – Jane

Weller tricks her than sneaks onto the boat leaving her behind.

Back at the FBI Patterson once again saves the day by hacking Lynn’s hard drive that shows a dark web auction for Chen and now Weller. The team do what they can to save Weller including using illegally obtained funds that Jane and Weller were paid. Nas heads a plan to save them and Jane is to distract Weitz. The team successfully save Weller, Chen, from being sold on the black market and capture Marconi but not without Nas creating an enemy from Weitz threatening her career at the NSA.

‘What you said on the pier it wasn’t true. I never thought I would say this again, but if something happened to you. I would miss you’ – Weller


Slowly Jane and Weller build their trust and eventually their relationship but it is not going to be in the way that I thought now that Baby Girl Weller is on her way. I mean she got friend zoned. Then Weller finally invites Jane to the party.


‘You’re my friend, Jane. I want you at the party’ – Weller


Cue the party where Weller and Nas have a moment in his bedroom. I half expected/wanted Jane to walk past/into the room to see them and Weller’s guilty face sees Jane’s devastation but I like the way the writers are continuing this vulnerable but kiss ass woman who doesn’t need a man. Nevertheless, it does not mean think Jane and Weller shouldn’t be together. Cause I do as you may have picked up over the few posts.

During this scene, there are they standard shots of joyous faces.

But when it cuts to Jane she looks like she doesn’t belong and it’s sad. She wants a family, people to care for her but she is still stuck in the middle. So she sits alone at a party where everyone is enjoying themselves and let me just say I have been there and it’s no fun.

What is worse is when she returns to her empty apartment she is charged by Roman forcing his way in with some life changing news. Especially after Sandstorm’s mole inside the FBI tells him that she is on the FBI’s side.

‘Phase 2 is happening. In just a few hours we are going to change the world.’ – Roman

Reade and Zapata continue with their Coach Jones storyline. Zapata has to try to return the murder weapon without raising suspicion. They find a patsy that won’t raise alarm when he finds the knife in his car because he will lose his job. Successfully returning the knife Zapata believes that they are in the clear, meanwhile, Reade helps Freddie escape by buying him a ticket out of New York never to return.

‘You thought I killed somebody but you still suck by me.’ – Reade

‘You would have done the same’ – Zapata


We end this week’s episode with knowledge that Sandstorms plan is about to unfold as we make our way into the mid-season finale.


Till next time.




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