Blindspot Mid-Season​ Finale

Blindspot Episode Nine  “Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform” – We Shall Protect Your Freedom

I have mixed feelings about this episode. I felt ripped off that the mole was Dr Borden. I thought it was way too obvious. I mean they made it clear from the beginning of the episode, which I didn’t like because the shock lost its value. They should take a page from How To Get Away With Murder about reveals. I mean they did a superb dramatic reveal in second last episode of the first season with Weller’s dad admitting to killing Taylor Shaw, now that was shocking.

Its only redeeming feature was that the history of Jane and Borden was revealed and it explained another fragment of Orion and how Jane survived. Borden was once married to the nurse who saved Jane and together with Dr Borden rehabilitated her until the American Government came looking for Jane then bombed the entire town they were in killing basically everyone except Jane and Dr Borden who were out on a walk at the time. For the first time this series we see Jane’s true fight response and angry towards America after they attempted to kill her, and purposefully bombed an innocent town just in hopes of killing her a second time, it was a flashback with Borden as they witness American drones kill thousands of people. This anger is where it all started for Jane and Sandstorm.

We open where the last episode left off after Roman turns up inside Jane’s safe house and kidnaps her. She’s taken to Sandstorms oasis where phase two is revealed, sort of. Jane learns that Sandstorm is planning to take out the power grid essentially plunging America into darkness and that she had a heavy hand in planning it.

At first, when Weller was called to the hospital I thought it was no accident that Allison was in a car accident but my suspicions were close but none the less wrong when Allison turns out to be perfectly fine at home safe. My next theory was it was Sandstorms way of separating Weller from the team because he was the mole. It would have been a much better story.

What’s wrong? You seem nervous. – Roman

You never take the bag off until we get inside and you took us a different route this time. – Jane

You’re not going back to the FBI, 12 hours from now this will all be over – Roman


Roman takes her to his bedroom when he is called away leaving Jane to steal the mobile phone hidden under the floorboards.

Borden makes Patterson breakfast celebrating their 10th sleep over anniversary. YAWN.

‘Just something I picked up while on doctors without borders.’ – Borden

Humble Brag – Patterson

Yes, Patterson it just may be but to me, it was a clue to drop Borden in the think of it as the mole.

‘I haven’t felt this happy in a really long time’. – Borden

If it makes you happy I could probably make myself available.’ Patterson

Jane is taken to meet Shepherd.

‘Well you ready for this? – Shepherd

‘How would I know if I am ready when I still don’t know what we’re doing? – Jane

Shepherd and Roman are called away to a problem Jane takes this time to learn Sandstorms plan for phase two. Breaking into the filing cabinet and sends images to Patterson.

Jane saves Roman from Shepherd in the most awesome action scene of the night, which left me questioning why she just didn’t do that earlier.

OH NO! Please tell me Borden did not just shoot Patterson. She is the best. Last seasons mid-season finale was dramatic but this one really needed something more. Someone like Weller worried about where Jane is considering he mentions that she may have been in the building. He only worried about Nas which if you ship them is romantic but I don’t so was going to happen to Jane.

Reade and Zapata have a moment, which may see their strong friend lead into a relationship. I don’t have a problem with that since they know a good portion of each other’s skeletons they can be there for each other.

Will she bring Roman to the FBI or let him be free of this nightmare. What does this mean for Jane now that sandstorms leader Shepherd is seriously injured?

Zapata catches on to Weller and Nas ‘thing’ relationship she then turns to Reade and questions him about the disappearance of the lead suspect ‘Freddie’ in the Coach Jones murder investigation. Weller then bursts back into the main floor on the phone as Jane contacts him.

The team enters a trap set by Shepherd and Jane must watch as the team enters only to have the old house blow up.

Meanwhile, Weller learns that the baby was a hoax to keep him safe and out the way and races to save his team.

Jane whisks Roman to one of Sandstorm’s old safe house that has the medical supplies to save him. Jane sees her chance to get her brother back and protect him when she sees the ZIP that was used to wipe her memory. Jane chooses to save Roman from Sandstorm and himself by injecting him with ZIP.

‘I had the chance to start over again, now you will too’ – Jane

After the FBI track Sandstorms location Borden races home to packs his belongings and retrieves his old wedding ring (significant to his backstory) before he leaves, but Patterson arrives and notices the intricate markings as the same as Jane’s sketch from her memory that she tried tracking down. She realises that he is a part of Sandstorm and points her gun at him.

‘You work for them, don’t you? You knew everything’ – Patterson

Patterson and Borden engage in a fight that ended with one of them shooting the other in the abdomen.

This episode basically sets up the main conflict as Jane wipes Roman’s memory also the mole is revealed and it was so underwhelming being a character that has not impacted the cases as much. But the Borden story made a lot of sense, therefore, redeeming the decision for his involvement in Sandstorm.  It will be interesting where they go from here but in terms of mid-season shockers, the shooting of Patterson was the only real interesting scene.




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