Blindspot – Who Got Shot?

“Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron”

We finally return after hiatus to answer the only question that I had after the last episode; did Patterson survive? I knew Patterson would have been the character shot because it would have be too convenient for the storyline for it to be Borden; so the only conclusion was it had to be Patterson. The next logical question was how bad it really was. After a short but stern look of betrayal Patterson passes out and that is where things went from bad to worse. Borden kidnaps her and patches her up only for Shepherd to torture her.

Meanwhile, on the run Roman is cornered by Shepherd’s men but is saved by Jane and Weller. When they return to the FBI they interrogate him to figure out where Patterson was taken. The ZIP works its magic and he cannot remember a damn thing, luckily, for Jane who is now constantly afraid he will learn the truth that she zipped him and not Shepherd the monster, she is portraying. Jane takes advantage of having someone she can care for and she feels that Roman is on her side. If she plays her cards right she will get her brother back but at the back of her mind, he is still sociopath with instincts to run and kill.


A little brother sister beat down before Roman steals the already stolen car leaving Jane on the side of the highway. Meanwhile back at the FBI, the aftermath of losing 12 agents is hitting Weller and Nas as they try to regain control and understand how it all went wrong.

‘By faking Ali’s emergency Shepherd was protecting you. She wanted you alive and we need to figure out why.’ – Nas

This leads me to believe maybe in some way Jane and Weller met previously and how does his connection with Sandstorm play out? But back to the episode where Weller pronounces his fears for Jane.

‘First, we have to find Jane.’ – Weller

Like a good friend Weller places Jane’s safety before his assistant directorial obligations. And like all good scenes, Jane is brought in handcuffed straight back to the FBI. Kurt is mad they handcuffed her, but Jane is frantically scared and apologetic. This is the first glimpse of Zapata’s bitchiness (sorry there was no other word for it) As Jane explains what happened including zipping Roman she explains that Borden is the mole after it’s revealed Patterson went looking for him after the raid.

‘He doesn’t work for us, he works for Shepherd’ – Jane

‘For how long?’ – Weller

‘From the beginning’ – Jane


The team split to find Patterson and Roman who they hope will help locate Patterson. And it is abundantly clear they Zapata hates Jane so much right now; basically blaming Jane for absolutely everything that has happened and her hostility though great for story conflict and character is getting really annoying. Nevertheless it’ important for the team to have an internal conflict while they are dealing with a betrayal but it is still hard to watch Jane cop all the grief when all she is trying to do is the right thing.

Back with Patterson, it’s clear that she is in real trouble as Shepherd prepares to interrogate her and boy is it seriously painful to watch torture technique. OUCH!!

A lot of this episode was split between Patterson and retrieving her alive and Jane and Roman’s relationship. The Jane and Weller find Roman and after a gunfight and someone being stabbed in the neck by a fork, they return to the FBI.

And a beautiful scene we about halfway through when Jane goes to speak with Roman in interrogation and Weller watches on. Weller sees another side to Jane that for the prolonged love interest storyline (if they go that way) will build a stronger foundation and Jane who finally feels like she has someone in this world on her side.

‘When you brought me in you didn’t tie me up and treat me like an animal’. – Jane

‘You didn’t try to get us all killed’. – Zapata

The downfall was Nas and Weller convincing Jane that she should not tell Roman the truth about everything. Against her better judgment, she lies to him and blames Shepherd for all of it. Now for anybody that hasn’t noticed that is seriously going to come back and bite Jane hard. When Roman finally remembers or is told what Jane did that will fracture their relationship and she can lose him forever. Jane has been on the receiving end of the backlash of betrayal caused by her involvement in Sandstorm and she does not want to see that happen with Roman. They are flesh and blood.

‘You can trust me, I am not going to lie to you’. – Jane

But you just did Jane, you just did. In a fuller circle of Jane and Roman, Nas takes Roman to the same interrogation room Jane was taken in episode one. After which they end up with nothing. Roman does not even remember Shepherd’s face and Nas along with most others are frustrated.

‘Maybe if you hadn’t zipped him then we would have a chance’. – Nas

Everyone seems to be turning on Jane, everyone except Weller who kindly supports her. Then trouble comes in the shape of FBI Director Pellington Pellington orders Roman be turned over to the CIA for further questioning. Jane begs Weller not to let them because if anybody remembers Jane was held captive at a CIA black site at the beginning of the season and she fears worse things will happen to Roman. Pellington agrees to allow Weller to hold Roman and reinstates Nas after Kurt threatens to resign much to the surprise of Jane. And the way she looked at him after he said it, I mean come on these two are just too much fun to watch interact.

Zapata saves the technical day by finding a coded message from a Sandstorm operative which leads the FBI to Borden’s location. After the car is thrown by an IED the team escape the car and split up.Tasha and Jane are to saves Patterson but not without Borden escaping and after a short fight with Weller where he learns a small piece to his part in Sandstorm that Borden is not allowed to kill Weller because Shepherd will not allow it.


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.05.29 pm.pngZapata checks in with Reade now that he is home from the hospital where Reade makes romantic advances towards Zapata, which are rejected awkwardly, but seriously, who did not see that coming? What was most shocking was that she rejected him despite her determination not to let him die or out of her sight in the previous episode.


Back at the FBI, Jane visits Roman in his new living arrangement with an offering of hot food and they have an honest conversation (as honest as one can be when two people can not fully remember the past) about the memories coming back and what kind of people they were before.

‘So afraid of who I’d been and what I’ve done. Even the most painful memories helped bring me to where I am now’. – Jane

Patterson deciphers encrypted files, finding a rough draft of Jane’s tattoos, which contains a mysterious tattoo not present on Jane’s body. Leaving Weller and Patterson to question why Sandstorm would not use that tattoo.

Based on the footage we really get an understanding of how angry and determined Jane was about bringing down the government. And that is what I love about this character, she is vulnerable now that she no memories yet she has this whole past that made her so dangerous and determines to do unspeakable things. Will Jane revert back? I also question Nas’s informant inside Sandstorm. At first, I thought it could be Jane trying to do the right thing, but now, as the storyline progresses I am starting to think maybe the informant could be Roman. This would be a really shocking twist since the audience has come to see Jane as trying to be a better person and Roman as the violent, volatile sociopath, but what if Roman was the kinder one, the one that wanted out of Sandstorm and Jane was the aggressive sibling.






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