Blindspot – Jane fights for Roman.

Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord – Episode Eleven

We open with Roman having a really bad time in lock up as he has constant flashbacks of his traumatic childhood on replay in his mind because let’s face it it is possibly the only memory that he currently has. Jane visits him every day and tries hard to comfort him with no success as she tries to relate.

‘I know what it’s like to feel trapped’ – Jane

‘Then get me out of here’ – Roman

Cut to Weller sneaks up on Nas at her location where she often trades intel with her Sandstorm snitch where Weller reminds the audience again that the source went quiet before Jane showed up in Time Square. Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 5.19.31 pm

Well, I am going to continue with my theory that Jane is the source but since her ZIP injection, she doesn’t remember being it. I believe it would make a great storyline twist if she were the source trying to bring down Sandstorm.


We cut to the introduction of storyline A as two clear bad guys walk through a shipping container yard only to stop upon one and open it to find an old man.

We finally meet Connor the mystery man that Allie (Weller’s baby mama) is dating as Weller catches them on their way out of a baby scan that he just missed. Weller promises Allie that he will try to be better while she is trying to tell him that she plans on moving out of the state with baby Weller.

In the office, Tasha enters to see Reid on his first day back at work since the Sandstorm explosion and also the first time since he tried to kiss Tasha. She attempts to make light conversation about it but Reid ruins it by bringing it up and blaming the pain medication that he was taking.

‘What did I miss?’ – Reid

‘Not much it turns out Borden is a mole, Jane’s brother is a prisoner down stairs and they caught the rat in the locker room.’ – Natasha

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.13.38 pm

Jane fights with Weller to try to release Roman, but he isn’t having any of it. Nas tries to find a compromise by bringing in a third party criminal profiler to assess Roman. Reluctant that Kurt doesn’t care about Roman the way he did for her frustrates her because it’s torturing Roman.


Then at the right moment they are called down to Patterson who has solved another tattoo linking them to the shipping container that was shown earlier containing two men existing; he is quickly identified by Natasha as terrorist leader Anton Stepulov illegally entering the US which the team find surprising since he was said to be killed last year.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.15.12 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.14.40 pm





The team believe that a money transfer implicating Paul Turner from the terrorist organisation

Jane visits Roman with a tea and coffee test to connect with him but Jane already knows.


Roman asks why Shepherd would wipe his memory if she supposedly loved him. And when that lie comes to head it will destroy the relationship Roman and Jane are making and have major consequences for Jane. He asks her why she did it, and Jane responds honestly and a very guilty look.

‘Maybe she thought it was the only chance she had to get you back’ – Jane


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.48.24 pmPatterson finds the clue that leads the team to ambush a car when they attempt to arrest Anton but when the next man exits the car is when this episode just went up another level. It is the same CIA Agent Keating that tortured Jane for three months and Jane does not forget a face like that.

‘This is the man that tortured me at the black sight’ – Jane

‘Enhanced interrogation’ – Keaton

Keaton announces that he knows Weller offending Jane who believed he knew nothing about her time with the CIA.

‘I thought we don’t negotiatee with terroists’ – Jane

‘She is adorable’ – Keaton


I would pay to see Jane smack some sense into him after a comment like that. Keaton continues to explain that Stepulov will give them information in exchange for a good working heart; donated by Paul Turner, for his son Henric who was born with a heart condition. Weller does some grade A assistant directing by forcing the surgery to be conducted under the FBI’s watch and when it is done Stepulov will give the location for a planned attack that is set to take place a 6 pm forcing the CIA out because of jurisdiction legalities.

Back at the FBI, they attempt to crack Stepulov’s phone to stop the attack before it happens which creates a little tension when Weller asks Tasha and Reid to work together but Tasha says she will help Patterson instead. This leaves Jane and Keaton alone for a war of words ending with a hint for a future scene.

We’re just black out lines in a government report.’ – Keaton

A reminder to Jane that no matter how bad she wants to be normal; have a family she legally doesn’t exist, belong. Jane Doe is the daughter of the biggest domestic terrorist in America. Jane races straight to Weller and it’s a great scene because Jane is hurting. She feels betrayed and even more so that they have to work together.

‘For the record I almost snapped his neck when I found out’ – Weller

‘I didn’t know that, thank you’ – Jane

Jane and Weller are introduced to the psychiatrist here to evaluate Roman and from the get go she hates the way she speaks of him with such negative language such as killer, patient, so Jane goes and sits with Stepulov as they wait for his son to return from surgery.

Stepulov’s son dies on the operating table loosing the only leverage they had. The FBI is forced to stop the attack without his help. Jane, Weller and Keaton break the news to Stepulov who grows agressive and once again Jane calms him down with the new family oritated values and beliefs she has relearnt. It all has the undertones of truth for Jane, beliving people can change, that children are not like their parents. She wants it to be true otherwise she is no better then Shepherd.

Unfortunely, Stepulov believes the FBI murdered her son and refuses to help.  Weller and Jane intercept a truck carrying explosive basketball. Jane connnects the attack with Keaton’s daughter, Erin. Stepulov’s men kidnap Erin and hold her hostage, but she is rescued by Weller and Jane, and the attack is foiled.

Meanwhile, Roman recovers more of his memory from the orphange where he was the victim but the new memory leads him to see just how violent he is after he kills a boy for tormenting him and stealing the coin that he and Jane shares. The psychiatrist concludes taht Roman lacks empthay and is dangerous sociopath suggesting they put him in a mental insitution for the rest of his life. Jane can not believe what she is hearing.

Back with the team and Weller and Keaton search for Erin while Reid and Tasha try to defuse the basketball bombs. This leaves Jane isolated where she can have her one-on-one action scene which no episode is left without. It’s a must have, Jane kicking someones butt using her bad-ass skills. These scenes are  some of my favourite parts to any episode where Jane holds her own against anyone and it usually just Jane and the assailant allowing her character to shine.  The team eventually save Erin.

‘Thank you’. – Keaton

‘I was just doing my job, it wasn’t personal.’ – Jane

Allie tells Weller she is seriously considering moving to Colorado with their child after Weller shows her the nursery that he has built in his apartment Australian animal mobile included. He is so proud, until Allie tells him about moving. What is sad is that Weller doesn’t really fight it. He gives her his blessing to move.

Patterson solves the puzzle of the missing leopard tattoo; it leads to Kat Jarrett, a member of a biker gang, who has an unknown link to Roman.Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.17.11 pm


Though this episode didn’t have a huge Sandstorm link or major cool tattoo case it did provide a good episode for learn more about each character’s personal life.

Till Next Week.




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