Blindspot – Roman Is Let Out Of His Cage.

Episode Twelve – Devil Never Even Lived

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.17.41 pm


The team investigates Roman’s connection to Kat Jarrett a trusted member of the Viper Kings bikers gang and their possible connect to Sandstorm.


Borden is back and cold as ever. His ego is huge now that he think he is second in command around Sandstorm. In the background it a large warehouse with what looks like an interior film set.  It makes me really interested to see what its connection to phase two is and what on earth phase two consists of.

‘I am back so respect the chain of command’ – Borden

All I am thinking at this moment is; respect my fist, Borden.

Reid continues with his spiraling storyline which is getting predictable and rather cliche.  First, it is drinking, then random girls and then a drug problem all before he gets busted a work or near death experience.

The missing tattoo from Jane’s neck is identified as useless because the corruption had already been exposed before Jane was left in Time Square. Nevertheless, the team decides to seek Roman’s help to understand Sandstorms significance to the Viper Kings biker gang. Jane practically begs Weller to allow her and Roman to go undercover since this may trigger some memories and finally place them one step ahead of Sandstorm. Weller agrees while everyone else is against it. Jane tells Roman that this is his chance to prove to everyone that he can be trusted and useful enough that they may let him out in the field more often like they did with her.

Roman is finally let out of his cage much to the displeasure of the FBI team who blame him for the death of dozens of Agents only weeks before.

Roman is reluctant but Jane is full of hope and praise.

‘Imagine what you can remember out in the world’ – Jane

Let’s just hope she doesn’t get disappointed.

Roman begins having flashbacks immediately or conversations with Remy and happier memories with Kat. He believes that he could have loved her.

When Remy found out that Roman was getting too close to Kat and less focused on the mission she benched him trying to separate the two. What I find so incredibly interesting about Roman know recovering his memories is that it paints Jane is a completely different light. All this time the audience is lead to believe Jane is now a good guy, innocent in trying to right her wrongs, but these flashbacks of Roman tell a different story. Remy was cold, manipulative, dangerous. What if she is/was more dangerous than Roman? It will be a great storyline to watch develop over the season. Throughout the episode, we begin to learn that Remy was in complete control over Roman, decisions, and basically second in command in Sandstorm. If this storyline continues to play out it is going to get explosive when the other character learns the truth, and by that, I really mean when Jane and Weller find out.

Anyhow, the episode continues when Roman and Jane seek revenge on Shepherd and hopes the Viper Kings can help set a trap. Shepherd is in need of HMX explosives and allows the rest of the team to join them in undercover. Nas has serious connections where she can get her hands on the hot commodity. Weller is hesitant to use the real stuff. Weller and Reid go undercover as the drivers that the bikies will hijack.

The hijack goes off without a hitch except what Roman needs to prove to the Viper Kings where his allegiance lies and shoots Weller and Reid without hesitation shocking Jane.

‘He knew we were wearing vest right?’- Reid

Weller confides in Jane that Allie received the promotion and will move to Colorado without him. Then stupid Zapata interrupts them and ruins their moment.

Roman tells Kat the truth about working with the FBI to bring down Shepherd. He tells her everything that she wants to hear. Exploiting her feelings to manipulate the situation the leave Jane questioning his true feelings for Kat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.28.48 pm


The deal goes south and Sandstorm gets their hands on the explosives leaving the FBI scratching their heads. Weller is furious that Sandstorm continues to be one step ahead of them.

Nas and Weller finally break up!

Jane visits Roman before she heads home and they have a heart to heart where Roman confides in her his memory of her standing in his way of happiness.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.57.41 pm

‘I’d like to say I am surprised but I did a lot of terrible things and I am trying to make up for them’ – Jane

She promises to get him out of the cage.

Jane then heads to Weller’s apartment to off comfort since their earlier conversation was interrupted. Zapata! She comes bearing beer and as he opens it he winces. She asks if he is ok to which he replies’

‘Your brother shot me’ – Weller

‘I am not asking you to put him back in the field again just let him outside every once and a while’. – Jane

Jane notices files on the table and offers to help Weller. They are all the information Nas had on Weller and Sandstorm connection but he hit a wall.  As Jane flicks through his military school yearbook she notices Shepherd sitting in the background of one of Weller’s basketball games.

‘I rememeber her’ – Weller.

Oh boy! Finally, some progression. It is a matter of time before we learn Weller’s connection to Shepherd.

Till Next Week.




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