Scandal 100th – All About Defiance, Ohio.

Congratulations Scandal on making it to your 100th episode. This entire episode was based on the lives of our favourite TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) characters in a what-if scenario where we see what would have happened if Olive Pope said no all those years ago to rig the election in Defiance, Ohio therefore not making Fitzgerald Grant the third the 44th President of the United States.

Jake, Fitz, and Olivia fight in the oval office over the best way to fix the new threat against America. This unknown group who managed to leash Eli Pope and assassinate President-Elect Frankie Vargos and frame Cyrus Beene for it. Fitz wants to clear Cyrus’s name and put him in the oval while Jake was to let it play out the way the group wants it with President Mellie.

Defiance, Ohio.

Instead of voting YES, Olivia chooses not to rig the election and vote NO. Therefore, changing the events that had led them to their current lives.

‘At least we lose with our souls intact’ – Olivia

It begins straight after Fitz losing the election and Olivia returning to Washington where she doesn’t have the riches or successful of campaign manager of a President; instead, Olivia is a struggling office worker trying to pass bills with no success because she has no political pull.


In a less than fancy street office Olivia, Marcus, Abby and Huck all work tirelessly, but what I can not get past is Huck. He never got a hair cut, never turned back to his B613 ways.  OLITZ LIVES ON! Fitz shows up at Olivia’s door after he leaves Mellie and insists Olivia marries him. After a quick panic of will she-won’t she the elevator doors reopens and they launch at each other.



Cyrus and living James argue as Cyrus is still in the closet, as James storms off Cyrus catches Mellie hanging around the church. They catch up, have a drink, kiss, then. WAIT A SECOND. Yep, they kissed. Cyrus and Mellie. Political powerhouses, but Cyrus and Mellie.

Finally, at the wedding of Fitz and Olivia, there were a few surprises. Papa Pope does have a relationship at all with Olivia as he watches from the sidelines in the church.


Still living in Olivia’s apartment and not some beautiful Vermont house Olivia still struggles in her career. She is not the white hat, political dynamite, powerful fixer that she became after Fitz won. They are a boring married couple. But things didn’t seem to get any better for Fitz who now hosts The Grant Report. He is miserable and who can blame him. Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia made him. Defiance made Fitz without it, he become irrelevant.

In true OMG TGIT news, Mellie and Cyrus are married. Never did I ever think that would happen, but it makes complete sense. Both were screwed over by Fitz, both are hunger for the White House, and though they are not completely happy they are happier than they were with Fitz in the Oval.  The plans to put Mellie in the White House form as they begin her political race. As the upcoming election would be Mellie Beene VS Sally Langstone as they both race to be the first female President. James is still alive and well and reporting Mellie as she announces her nomination. Mellie overhears Cyrus and James arguing and learns the Cyrus is gay and that he and James are in love, but he wants the White House more.

By far my favourite scene of this episode it Huck’s pure excitement watching The Bachelor; not even that, but for the fact that Lindsey (Quinn) is a contestant. In this universe, Quinn’s life was not destroyed because her boyfriend was not killed to cover up the election rigging. And when the Bachelor hands Lindsey the crown his line of dialogue hand me giggling to myself.

‘You really love torturing me’ – Bachelor

Golden line because if you are unfamiliar with Quinn’s progression currently since meeting Huck in full blown killer rage Quinn found a calling alongside him as his killer-in-training. Together Quinn and Huck are fixing machines. If you need someone to disappear these two should be your first call.

Finally, we get to see Olivia’s business expanding as she rents the current Pope and Associates offices.

We fall into a routine as Fitz become bored and unhappy even making out with Lindsey but Olivia finally tells Fitz that she could have made him President. She had that power and she said no. Fitz

‘If I said yes it would have destroyed us’ – Liv

‘At least I would have been President’ – Fitz

Oh boy! That was mean but looking at both lives maybe and curse me for even thinking it but maybe Olitz wasn’t meant to be.


Eli ‘Papa’ Pope is now helping Mellie with the campaign this time his name is Damascus Bainbridge. What a name!

Olivia is considering divorce instead both she and Fitz comes to their senses and she hands him an envelope with a house in Georgetown. Though it would have been much better if it had been Vermont, but I will happily settle for it.

We end back in the present with Olivia racing to Fitz and telling him that she is all in. They are going to save Cyrus and put him in the Oval. Mellie will not be too happy about that.

Overall, it was a good episode to have play out nowhere near the brilliant level of last week’s episode. But since we are talking about what if’s in this episode. Does that mean Teddy was never born? Jerry never died? Mama Pope is still in a box somewhere? Papa Pope is still in charge of B613?

A great deal of this episode hinted about freedom and which characters are truly free from the decision that was made. I think not characters were truly better of though they weren’t all killers nor seen the horrible stuff they have been through. They all probably sleep better and nowhere near as many deaths but let’s face it Scandal would not be as OMG, jaw-dropping drama it is without all the amazing I can’t believe that just happened storylines. It is the beauty of television where drama like this happens to fuel our thankfully less dramatic lives by vicariously living powerfully through Olivia Pope without dangerous consequences or leaving the house. Though we did get all the questions answered we got the important ones. Here is to another 100.




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