Blindspot – S2E20 Truth Revelations

Today was the day, my friends. The day that not one, but two truth bombs went off.

I know I am skipping ahead but seriously this episode had scenes that made me so giddy I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face watching them. Are you ready?

Roman tells Jane that they should tell Weller about his memory. FINALLY, Jane finally tells Weller about THAT memory. That’s right people, Weller now knows that Roman killed Emma Shaw. Taylor Shaw’s mother and Kurt’s last link to him missing, though we already know she is dead, childhood best friend. But that was not where it stopped. The hits, if you will, kept coming. In the final moments of this episode after an endearing brother sister moment, Roman recovers a memory one that Jane has been fearful of all season. Roman learns that Jane was the one who wiped his memory, not Shepherd and boy does Roman fly into a rage grabbing the kitchen knife and plunging it in Jane’s direction. Cliff-hanger.

There were a few great Jeller scenes today, one being Weller inviting Jane and Roman over for dinner. Instantly, I get flashbacks to Jane’s dream, they one that doesn’t belong to her.

But nothing compares to that emotional and thrilling office scene where Jane who was brilliantly scared and on the verge of tears told Weller the secret she has been keeping from him for weeks; Roman killed Emma Shaw. Oh, the betrayal and anger and what makes it so much better is that comes off the back of last weeks episode where they almost kissed. I mean I just can not wait till they finally do, I live for this tension, drama, and suspense. Nothing and I mean nothing makes me happier watching two characters do this will they, won’t they dance. The unspoken chemistry and the adoring glances. I spent four seasons watching Castle before it finally happened and boy was that episode amazing and I think I can wait for two more. I just really hope it’s an amazing scene.

Anyhow, this week’s episode shows Zapata undercover attempting to befriend Devon (Rhonda Rousey) who of course has some sort of connection to Sandstorm. Later, they learn she is the longtime girlfriend of Parker. The highest man in Sandstorms command they have had the chance to capture.

Patterson gets in trouble with Weller for sleeping at the office. Weller visits Zapata who gets in a prison fight. Nothing can interest me now that I know this particular scene it coming up.

Here is comes. And Jane is clearly nervous.

‘When did he tell you, Jane?’ – Weller

‘A few weeks ago’ – Jane

‘You chose to kept that secret that’s a total breach of trust as friends’ – Weller

‘I’m sorry.’ – Jane

‘Now get out of my office’ – Weller

And scene. Oh boy!

While undercover Zapata makes some enemies resulting in Devon getting shafted. There a panicked Zapata calls Weller concocting a plan to escape hopefully leading them straight to Parker and Sandstorm.

Zapata takes her cover identity’s attitude into her work life and get way too cocky and fired up. I feel like she was overstepping her boundaries as an agent and getting in Weller’s face.

Then the next best confrontation happens when Weller confronts Roman in the weights room and as Roman declares he is no longer the man he used to be since ‘Shepherd’ erased his memory and for a second I thought Weller was going to spill the beans in retribution for Jane’s betrayal little did I know then that it was foreshadowing the end scene.

Jane and Weller have their first conversation and it’s an emotional one. I really enjoyed seeing another side to Weller he has shown a lot of hurt and heart this episode and I would really like to see more. Weller admits his guilt that the only reason Emma was killed because of her connection to him. Jane has a flashback to Mayfair linking her death which was an unusual inclusion.

Patterson locates Zapata and Devon but when they meet up with Parker he immediately identifies her and her cover is blown. The team race to find her, finally locating her in an abandoned warehouse. Weller instructs Jane to head a team while he searches the opposite direction declaring that…

‘You’re the only one I trust out there.’ – Weller

‘You think I weigh as much as a fridge?’ – Zapata

Turns out she conveniently weighs as much as a fridge. Jane and Weller then each takedown Parker and Devon finally thinking they have caught their lead in the Sandstorm investigation.

Back in the office, Weller isn’t getting any information from Parker causing Zapata to lose her cool again, but here is the strange thing Zapata in a long stretch without any real evidence or time spent exploring in any scene draws the connection through dialogue for the audience that Shepherd called off Weller protection.

The final words of this episode are said just after Roman learns who really ZIPped him.

‘You did this to me’ – Roman

As the season finale draws closer there aren’t a lot of secrets left now that the two biggest ones have been exposed but all of the attention is Sandstorm and finding out the extent of phase two. Whether it takes two episodes I really hope we learn a lot more about the Weller and Shepherd connection as well as how Remy fits in.

Next week can not come soon enough.




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