Blindspot 2X22 – WOW!

Excuse me, I am just busy picking up pieces of my brain after this episode. POW! WOAH!

NOTE: The feature image is how I am feeling right now. And below were my range of emotions this episode



I mean 22 has always been my favourite number, but this day. TODAY. Blindpost aired its season two finale and I can not even talk right now. So many things happened and right now and I don’t know where to start; so I will start at the end.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.30.49 pm

Jane is scouring a mountain and when she reaches the top she is far from the FBI and explains to the monk that she can not go back.

‘It’s time to go back… Return home’. – Monk

‘No, no I can never go back’. – Jane

WHY? WHY? Then, while sipping tea in a tent Jane gets a visit from Weller SCREAM and he is relieved to find her after searching for so long SCREAM Jane then points out that he is still wearing his ring. STOP. This is where I am done. MARRIED. Jane and Weller got married. When season three returns I better get a relationship. My god, this is so much more exciting than anything I have seen on television so far this year. I know you might not agree and Outlander is yet to return, but I just can not believe how many things happened this episode and so many moments.

Weller goes on to explain that Patterson, Reade, and Zapata have been kidnapped and Jane assumes it was Roman which suggests he plays a big part in the future and maybe why Jane left Weller and the FBI because it was no longer safe for them if she was around. Seriously, my brain can not function properly right now. Then Weller hands Jane a box that opens at both their touch forcing them to work together.

‘It needs both of us to work’ – Jane

Nice touch at least I know I will get answers for why Jane left and conflict between the two as they repair their relationship. The box opens to a metal object that when pressed to Jane’s flying bird tattoo illuminates the tattoos on her body. WHAT! I know right how is that even possible.

And breathe.

For starters, I wish the had just left Jane and Weller in bed and the cliffhanger was Roman plotting some sort of revenge. I love, but seriously hate that they skipped two years ahead. I missed Jane and Weller falling deeper in love, family dinners, romantic gazes and shy smiles, I missed arguments and make up sessions. I live for this soppy crap on television though I am thrilled they finally bit the bullet but I was really looking forward to what comes after; now I am just questioning everything.

So much can happen in two years and I want to know if the writers intend on starting where they left off or will I be forced to watch their wedding through flashbacks and picture BOOOOOOO. How amazing would it have been to be a part of the writer’s team for plotting this episode?

But if we were to return to the beginning of the episode the way the team solved the Sandstorm saga was, excuse the pun, out of this world. Yet it was surprisingly palpable. Patterson was once again on her A-game. I do like the next inclusion of Pellington’s replacement I hope she sticks around. Surprised Reade and Zapata did not hook up but then again it would have been a cliche so thank you for not.

In order to save the east coast of America Weller creatively defibrillates Shepherd in order to interfere with the

For a split second, I really thought Roman was playing Shepherd and was going to turn hero and save the day but alas he did not and Jane allowed him to walk away from her towards the end.

And as usually Patterson basically saves the day. But she gets some of the funniest lines of the episode especially that light-hearted scene after Jane professes her love for Weller and when they re-enter his apartment the others find excuses to leave and classic Patterson says;

‘I’m going to go to… not here, so you two have fun. I’ll see you guys when I see you.’ – Patterson


I can not wait until season three.

Till next time,





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