You may not know me now, but together will venture through time and space, murder scenes and drama as we laugh, cry and hopefully learn something from our shared love for television and film. On this blog, I will share my thoughts to review some of my favourite series and movies.

For me, my love started long ago, but we started getting serious when I was in year nine and eight years on I am even more in love. So much so that I went to university to study film and video and after finishing this year I found it difficult to find an industry career so I began this blog as a way for me to share my thoughts on episodes allowing my brain to process some of the brilliant writing and crazy addictive content on the screen.

This blog documents my journey through my favourite television experiences. I believe that both television and film has an incredible power to teach us, move us, and transport us into incredible worlds. I love how television has taught me life lessons and inspirational quotes that I carry with me to this day. My hope is that you too can share your thoughts, peeves, and excitement from episodes from the series and films that I have chosen to review. Now I know we may not always see eye to eye but that is the beauty of screen, people interpret things in their own way based on their views and experiences allowing for wonderful relationships with fictional characters.

I will sign off with my favourite quote/word from my absolute saviour Castle.